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How Much Home Can You Get For $250k in Fredericksburg?

Author: From • Aug 30th, 2012
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The real estate market is continuing to change.  Home prices are starting to rise, very slowly, and many homes have multiple offers within a few weeks of being listed.  Buyers need to stay on top of listing inventory if they want to get the home of their dreams.  Are you curious to see how much house you can get for your money? Where here’s a sampling of what $250,000, the medium sales price of a home, can get you in the Fredericksburg area. 

Fredericksburg City

2101 Washington Ave Fredericksburg VA 22401


$239,900 – 2101 Washington Ave 

Listed by C21 New Millennium 

4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, off-street parking, close to schools, canal path, and Rt.1 

Sold “as-is”, home warranty provided 

Standard Sale 


Stafford County

5 Zinc Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22405


$250,000 – 5 Zinc Drive 

Listed by Long and Foster 

5 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms, hardwood floors, sunroom, finished basement 

Off of Rt. 17 near Geico, convenient to shopping and I-95 

Standard Sale


Spotsylvania County

6216 Salisbury Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22553


$259,000 – 6216 Salisbury Drive 

Listed by Remax Supercenter 

4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, unfinished basement, over-sized garage 

Off of Courthouse Rd, close to schools and shopping 

Potential Short Sale 


Caroline County

18068 Coolidge Lane Bowling Green, VA 22427


$249,900 – 18068 Coolidge Lane 

Listed by Virginia Capital Realty, LLC 

4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, upgraded large kitchen, sunroom, basement 

Off of Rt. 301 

REO/ Bank Owned


King George

6206 Dawes Drive King George, VA 22458


$249,900 – 6206 Dawes Drive 

Listed by Exit Realty Expertise 

3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, granite countertops, extra large family room 

Commute to Fredericksburg or Waldorf, Maryland easily 

Standard Sale



All information believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed.  All data current as of 08/30/2012.  Data subject to change without notification.  Information provided as examples of homes in the $250,000 price range in the Fredericksburg area.  Information pulled from MRIS.  Homes selected for feature at random. 

Interested in seeing more listings in the $250,000 price range?  Interested in scheduling a showing for any of the Featured Properties?  Feel free to contact me at

Ferry Road Closed August 16-23

Author: From • Aug 16th, 2011
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Ferry Road Closure

Update 08/19/2011 – Ferry Road has been reopened!  Work has been completed early and the road is now open to all traffic!

This road closure will probably affect more people than one would imagine.  Ferry Road will be closed August 16-23.  The railroad tracks near the the McDonald’s just feet from the Rt3/ Ferry Road intersection is being repaired.  There are several alternate routes to avoid the construction.  Town and Country Drive saw some pretty heavy traffic this morning as drivers cut across from White Oak Road and Ferry Road.  The neighborhoods of Argyle Terrace, Argyle Heights, and Hillcrest Terrace offer a cut through from Ferry Road to Rt.3 (Kings Hwy).

We are back

Author: From • Aug 27th, 2010
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Some of our regular visitors may have seen that the Word Press software got hacked, and we are in the process of restoring and rebuilding.  The site is pretty much functional as it was before.  I still have some glitches to workout, but the primary features of our site are back up and running.  Thank you for your patience.

The look of the site will probably change in the next couple of weeks, but now we are more worried about getting the tools all working again.

July 4th Celebrations!

Author: From • Jun 28th, 2010
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2879497281_556261ed22_mThe 4th of July is a fantastic time to be in and around the Fredericksburg area.  The rich Revolutionary War history and Fredericksburg’s part in masterminding and securing America’s freedom makes this our own special holiday.  If you are looking for something to do this weekend, here is a list I’ve compiled.






Stafford County

“The Complete History of America” Musical performed at the Riverside Dinner Theater. 

Friday, July 2- Sunday, July 4  (6:30pm dinner seating)  Tickets:  $42

Fabulous 4th of July at Ferry Farm

Saturday, July 3  (10am-5pm)  small admission fee

Interact on an 18th century farm while farm workers perform daily tasks around George Washington’s childhood farm.  Learn how the Patawomeck Indian tribe functioned in the 16oos.  Enjoy crafts, games, and live music.  Food vendors will be on site.  Trolleys will be running from the Fredericksburg City street festival, as parking is limited at Ferry Farm.

Stars and Stripes Weekend at Potomac Point Winery

Wine tours and wine tastings will take place all weekend long at regular fees.  The band Blackstone will be playing on Sunday from 1-5pm.  A special July 4th menu is available for purchase. 

Saturday, July 2  (11am-9:30pm)       Sunday, July 3  (11am-6pm)


Spotsylvania County

Independence Day Kickoff Celebration – at Lake Anna Winery

The vineyard will feature live music, lite appetizers, and wine sold by the glass.  The $10 admission includes a winery tour and a souvenir wine glass. 

Friday, July 2 (6-10pm)

Stars and Stripes Spotsylvania Spectacular

A fun event for all age groups.  Come and enjoy pony rides, moonbounces, a petting zoo, a tour of the historic Spotsylvania Courthouse and 1855 jail, and much more.  There will be 3 stages playing Bluegrass music, and the night is finished with a huge fireworks display!  Vendors will be on site for food and drink sales.

Saturday, July 3   (3-10pm)


Fredericksburg City

33rd Annual Rappahannock River Raft Race sponsored by the Fredericksburg Jaycees

Come watch this very entertaining and traditional Fredericksburg event.  Prizes will be awarded in several categories.  The race starts at 11:30am at the Port of Falmouth Park on River Road in Stafford and will end at approximately 4pm at the City Docks on Sophia Street.  If you are interested in participating please contact the Fredericksburg Jaycees at  Entry fees do apply. 

Saturday, July 3

Fredericksburg City Heritage Festival

The always fun Heritage Festival will take place over two days this year since July 4th falls on a Sunday.  The traditional street festival will be on Saturday, July 3 from (10am-4pm).  The Heritage Day Parade will begin at 9:30am on Carolina Street and is still looking for entries for this year’s parade.  The parade is limited to bikes, strollers, wagons, and walking. 

Heritage Festival 5 Mile – Saturday, July 3 (7:45am) at the Fredericksburg Visitor’s Center on Caroline Street    Registration is $20 pre-race day and $25 race day  Cash prizes will be given to the top 3 male and top 3 female runners.

The fireworks will take place on Sunday, July 4 at Pratt Park. Music will begin at 8pm and fireworks will begin at dusk.  The Frederickbsburg Jaycees will be on hand selling glow-in-the-dark jewelry to help make the celebration even more exciting.   Be sure to bring your own refreshments and blankets and chairs to the fireworks display.   

Heritage Day Festival and 5 Mile Run – Saturday, July 3

Fireworks – Sunday, July 4

Perceptions at a tea party

Author: From • Apr 14th, 2010
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UPDATE: I clarified some language here as I accidentally referred to the 2nd photo when I should have been referring to picture #1. It is now correct! -Mike

I spent last Saturday covering a tea party rally in Stafford. I expected that there would be a lot of signs and flag-waving as seen at every other tea party and I was not disappointed in that regard. I wanted to try and get an overall shot that didn’t misrepresent how many or how few people showed up. The reporter and I took an informal count and estimated 200-300 people. In order to get the overall I put a 14mm on the camera and held it above my head with a monopod and came up with these two frames. While it doesn’t show the entire crowd, many of whom were off to the side, at least it didn’t make it look like 10 people showed up.

Initially I preferred the first one; the guy was giving a speech called An Angry American, getting pretty worked up and gesturing a lot with his hands. We ended up running the second one, mostly because nearly every person I showed frame #1 to thought of a nazi salute. I wonder if that is because of their own feelings about this political movement or if it really does look like that?  I was concerned that using the first picture would be considered unfair or at least editorializing if readers saw the same thing. The idea of objectivity (and that discussion is worth an entire post on its own!) is drilled into your head in the newspaper world but I wonder if I went too far in the other direction and sanitized what actually was going on there out of some kind of political correctness. Was I unnecessarily concerned about this? Am I overthinking this? Which one would you have published?

Time Has Come Today

Author: From • Nov 27th, 2009
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A fortnightly MY FINAL rant, FL-S style.


During the past couple of days, some of you caught the string of YouTube videos posted to Fred2Blue. Much was foreshadowed by them.

And how great was that Viking Funeral?

YES FOLKS, Chris Guy and I have decided that the time has come to for us to leave our little village of Anatevka F2B.

You read that right. We’re outahere!

A certain Snarktress Supreme has been given the right-of-refusal to take over F2B. If she accepts the offer, then GREAT…F2B will begin anew. If not, that’s fine too and we’ll keep the site live for an extended period of time, then shut it down.

For the most part, authoring F2B has been a lot of fun. But two years is a long time to do any one thing, especially a blog. Plus, the process of coming up with Fortnightly Rant topics that are interesting (okay, that amuse me) has gotten harder and harder. Sometime over the past couple of months, writing them started to feel like…like…WORK.

Chris and I are moving on to new interests and involvements. Not sure what Chris will be doing, but sometime between mid-February and late March of 2010 I will publish my first book: it’s a green business executive career development book entitled Tailoring The Green Suit. Information about the book launch will be posted to my Sturdy Roots Blog and my company website.

Whether or not F2B continues, there will be from time-to-time another former Dem chair venting his spleen. Our friend Marc Broklawski has launched his new blog Leaving My Marc which I know will be a very good read. I encourage you all to bookmark it.

UPDATE Sunday 11/29: Marc has announced that Chris will be contributing blog posts to Leaving My Marc. THAT IS FANTASTIC NEWS!


Time has come today
Young hearts can go their way
Can’t put it off another day
I don’t care what others say
They say we don’t listen anyway
Time has come today

The rules have changed today (Hey)
I have no place to stay (Hey)
I’m thinking about the subway (Hey)
My love has flown away (Hey)
My tears have come and gone (Hey)
Oh my Lord, I have to roam (Hey)
I have no home (Hey)
I have no home (Hey)

Now the time has come (Time)
There’s no place to run (Time)
I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
But I had my fun (Time)

I’ve been loved and put aside (Time)
I’ve been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time)
And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)
Now the time has come (Time)

There are things to realize (Time)

Time has come today (Time)

Time has come today (Time)

Now the time has come (Time)
There’s no place to run (Time)
I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
But I had my fun (Time)
I’ve been loved and put aside (Time)
I’ve been crushed by tumbling tide (Time)
And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

Now the time has come (Time)
There are things to realize (Time)
Time has come today (Time)
Time has come today (Time)

So that’s it.

No parting shots. No bon mot.

I thank you all for your support and readership. F2B has been the hippest trip!

Now, to bring things full circle, a final h/t to Monty Python:









k?t thúc

? ?????





y diwedd



Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl,
but she doesn’t have a lot to say;

Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl,
but she changes from day to day;

I want to tell her that I love her a lot,
but I gotta get a bellyful of wine;

Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl,
someday I’m going to make her mine (oh, yeah);

Someday I’m going to make her mine.



Election Night Madness!!!

Author: From • Nov 3rd, 2009
   Category: Blog Entries.Local, Spotsylvania, Stafford

Considering what could have happened, I’m actually pretty happy about tonight. If you’d have told me that the Democrats would only lose 5 or 6 seats in the House of Delegates after this better than expected performance by the GOP ticket statewide, I’d think you were insane.

Republican candidates for Supervisor in Spotsylvania County, including former Board Chairman and Senate candidate Chris Yakawhateverthehellitis, went down in defeat despite a dominant performance by the GOP ticket in Spotsy. They ran against the VRE, and it cost them.

Republicans candidates for Supervisor in Stafford County all won, giving control of the Board back to the GOP. Inmate #283921, I mean Paul Milde, got just over 50% of the vote with Irene Egan and Paul Ortiz splitting the rest, swell. Mark Osborne made things a little interesting in Falmouth, but this was always Susan Stimpson’s race to lose.

Commonwealth’s Attorney LaBravia Jenkins was reelected in Fredericksburg despite a rough performance from the Democratic ticket in the city.

Albert Pollard survived despite a challenger that inspired people to go around the 99th district stealing signs and yelling in people’s face. The closeness of this race will no doubt lead to teabaggers* patting themselves on the back, but Catherine Crabill performed far, FAR worse than other Republicans on the ballot in this district (Pollard will probably increase his lead when the rest of the precincts report in).

* also, thank you teabaggers for helping Democrats win a congressional seat in upstate NY for the first time since the mid-1800’s!

Misconceptions and Flat-Out Lies in Stafford Supervisor Races

Author: From • Nov 2nd, 2009
   Category: Blog Entries.Local, Stafford

First, Despite anything else you may have heard or read, Pete Fields strongly endorses Doug Filler in the race for Supervisor in the Falmouth District.

Second, I received this via email today:

Thinking it was too late to be refuted, Hartwood supervisor candidate Gary Snellings put out an automated phone call today which simply lies about his record on taxes. In it, he claims the average homeowner’s tax went up 27% under his opponent, incumbent Joe Brito, but only 9% while he was supervisor.

The facts (from the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office) are below. They show that while the tax did indeed rise 27% during Brito’s term, it rose 36% under Snellings – four times the figure he is using. Perhaps Snellings is referring to the average annual increase during his term, while comparing it to the four-year figure for Brito. If so, that is a plainly dishonest comparison .

The record further shows that the great bulk of the increase during Brito’s term came when the chamber was under Republican control and Brito voted against the increase. (Snellings voted for the last tax rate imposed during his term.) Under Democratic control, the tax increase declined dramatically, to an average level below growth plus inflation. It further shows that the tax barely budged in the last year, up a mere 0.04%.

Snellings again attacked Brito for the cost-of-living pay raise enacted in 2008, the first rise in supervisor salaries in seven years. Yet Snellings has not pledged to give his share of the raise back. He has pledged to repeal the transportation impact fee on developers and the big business tax, which is levied by every locality in this region.



CLASS CODE 2 (Residential property other than multi-family)

YEAR       TOTAL TAX            COUNT                   AVERAGE

2001       $ 49,846,373       35,492                   $1,404

2005           77,335,347       40,368                     1,903

2007           99,874,642       43,585                     2,291

2008         108,167,724       44,670                     2,421

2009         109,941,001       45,394                     2,422

Increase during Snellings term (2001-05)       35.54%

Increase during Brito term (2005-2009)         27.27%

Increase, 1st half Brito term (Rep. control)      20.38%

Increase, 2nd half Brito term (Dem. control)       5.72%

Increase over last year (2008-09)                       0.04%

Paul Milde Has a Serious Criminal Record

Author: From • Oct 24th, 2009
   Category: Blog Entries.Local, Stafford

Independent candidate Paul Ortiz has all the gory details here.

  • 1 felony conviction (possession of cocaine with intent to distribute)
  • 7 misdemeanor convictions
  • 11 IRS liens for non-payment of taxes
  • 6 court judgments against him for non-payment of debts
  • Thousands of dollars in penalties and interest for not paying his real estate property taxes on time in his own County-even after he got elected!
  • More than a dozen traffic violations, many for speeding and reckless driving-which might explain why he flipped his SUV off an embankment shortly after he took office.

h/t teacherken

Paul Milde cocaine sentencing

Democratic Supervisor Candidates in Stafford Hitting the Airwaves

Author: From • Oct 23rd, 2009
   Category: Blog Entries.Local, Stafford

Click here to get Doug Filler and Laura Sellers on TV.

Also, Steve Shannon, candidate for Attorney General, will help kickoff a canvass at the Coordinated Campaign Office in Stafford this Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009 at 4:00 PM. More details are available here.

In an unprecedented move, the Stafford Democratic Committee is taking our message to voters in a big way.

This morning we’ve taken our message to the airwaves with the launch of TV spots for our democratic Board of Supervisor candidates: Doug Filler (D-Falmouth) and Laura Sellers (D-Garrisonville)!

Their opponents have saturated our mailboxes with misleading mailers and flooded the streets with yard signs. In fact Mr. Filler’s two Republican opponents seem more interested in attacking one another, instead of laying out a positive vision for our future. On the topic of yard signs, we learned from last year’s election that “Signs don’t vote!”

We need your help in fighting back, in order to get our positive message out to voters on Education, Fiscal Responsibility, Transportation, the Environment and Public Safety – to name a few. With a Democratic-led coalition in control these past two years, the county has held the line on spending and taxes on the homeowner: the average tax bill went up just 70 cents this year – a miniscule 0.04%. Contrast that with the 36% hike in the homeowner’s tax that occurred in the prior 4 years under Republican control.

Click here to watch our new TV ads. Then make a contribution to keep them on the air ($30 = 1 spot, $60 = 2 spots or contribute what you can).

We would not have been able to make this bold move without your support. You’ve helped us surpass every fundraising goal we’ve set over the past two years. But we’re counting on your help once again. We can’t allow our opponents to define the terms of this debate.

Our opponents are outspending us better than 5-1. They are using this money to smear our candidates, hide from their records and, in one case, re-package democratic ideas as their own. We need your help in setting the record straight.

We’re going to fire back with everything we’ve got, but the strength of that response depends on you.

Click here to make an immediate contribution. There’s no time to spare.

To learn more about Doug Filler, you can visit his website here.
To learn more about Laura Sellers, you can visit his website here.

If you would like to volunteer to help us by canvassing, making phone calls or helping us at the polls, please email us here.