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Harry’s Alehouse

Author: From • Dec 7th, 2016
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After what seemed a long wait, Harry’s Alehouse finally opened a couple weeks ago. We made two visits to Harry’s last week, and excepting a couple minor hiccups, we liked what we found. Our first visit was for a weeknight dinner, and we opted to sit in the dining room. Harry’s features 24 rotating taps, and I was most interested in seeing what sort of variety would be offered. Our waiter reviewed the menu with us, pointing out beers that were sold out, and ones that had been added. I made my selection, only to have the waiter return minutes later to tell me it was no longer available. Another selection made, and another selection reported out. After the third time, a manager came to the table with a couple samples of other beers, and offered a sincere apology. The beers were turning over more quickly than the staff could keep up. I ended up with a very tasty beer, Space Cake IPA from Clown Shoes Brewing, and chalked the miscues up to opening pains and trying to sort out inventory. To be fair, Colleen got her first pick of beer.

Sierra Nevada Celebration & Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout on Nitro

After a delicious appetizer of a Fried Green Tomato Stack, we both opted to try a couple of the burger varieties for our main course. The burgers were quite flavorful and served with crispy hand cut fries. After dinner, we loitered awhile over our beers, and vowed to return.

We paid another visit this past Sunday, this time taking seats at the bar. As the bar area is our preferred seating at any pub, we took note of the ample seating space, the wide bar, comfortable foot curb, and to Colleen’s delight, a hefty purse hook. Since our last visit, Harry’s had modified their beer menu, adding boxes so tapped out beers could be marked and newly tapped beers in the “upcoming” section could be marked as available. This made making my choice much easier. The Big Papi IPA from Commonwealth Brewing Company served as an introduction to a brewery I had not tried previously. Harry’s is a verified Untapped venue, and I suggested to the bartender they make use of that and display an electronic “live” tap list. He let me know that they are doing that now, but the TV screen was currently in use for Sunday football. When I last checked on Untapped, the list was a few days old, so on another visit I’ll check on how well it’s working.

This visit Colleen and I shared a Bavarian Pretzel with Cheddar Beer Dip. We devoured that appetizer quickly, with plenty of cheese sauce left over. We opted to save the remaining sauce for dipping the fries which we knew were to come with our meals. We both opted for sandwiches this time; Colleen picked a Shrimp Po' Boy, and my selection was a Beer Fish Sandwich. Once again we found the food to be well-prepared, tasty, and of generous proportion.

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut Porter & Commonwealth Brewing Big Papi IPA

The staff at Harry’s is quite friendly, and our service has been prompt. The beer selection is limited to drafts currently, and they have a pretty decent selection of American craft beer. For those opposed to drinking beer with flavor, they also currently list both Bud Light and Miller Light, which seems redundant and a waste of at least one draft line. ? Most of the beers are offered in 12 ounce servings, rather than pints. (I wish more American pubs would offer the pint and half pint options we enjoyed in Ireland.) In my opinion, the price point on the craft drafts is a bit high; ranging from $6.00 - $11.00 a glass during our visits. On the plus side, Harry's does seem to be offering some selections not commonly seen in the area.

After much anticipation, we are excited to finally have another local option for enjoying good beer and food. The food is reasonably priced, and there’s quite a variety of what I consider to be good “pub grub.” Everything we’ve tried so far was, simply put, delicious. The service has been attentive and friendly in both the dining room and at the bar. We've long lamented the dearth of good dining and drinking establishments on this side of town. Harry’s Alehouse is a welcome addition to our neck of the woods, and I look forward to more visits and seeing what the future holds as they become more established. I expect we'll become "regulars" at Harry's.

Traditions of the Feast of St. Nicholas

Author: From • Dec 6th, 2016
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Today, December 6 is the Feast day of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. St. Nicholas, was a wealthy and generous man. His generosity towards others led to him being the inspiration for the tradition of Santa Claus and gift giving. He is also one of several Patron Saints of brewing. It's not entirely clear why Nicholas was chosen as a Patron Saint of brewing. Tradition states that Nicholas was having a beer at an inn where the inn keeper had murdered three boys and packed their bodies in a barrel of brine. Nicholas was offered some salted meat with his beer. Due to a local shortage of food, Nicholas became suspicious, found the bodies, and brought the boys back to life. He died on December 6, 345 A.D. or 352 A.D.

Inspired by this feast day, is Samichlaus Bier. Samichlaus is an 14% ABV doppelbock that at one time was billed as the world's strongest beer. The name means "Santa Claus" in the Swiss-German dialect of Zürich. Brewed only on December 6 of each year, the beer is aged for almost a year and released in time for the following year's feast day. Samichlaus was originally brewed by Brauerei Hürlimann, and later by Feldschlösschen Brewery. It is currently produced by Schloss Eggenberg of Switzerland.

We have a tradition of opening an aged bottle of Samichlaus Bier on the evening of December 6. Tonight I'll dig through the boxes in the cellar and find something old to enjoy. Even if you can't get your hands on Samichlaus Bier, raise a pint to St. Nicholas today for his generosity and the traditions of giving he inspired.

Another tradition surrounding this Feast involves children leaving their shoes out the evening before, and St. Nicholas would fill them treats such as candies or fruits so the children know he had visited. It is from this tradition that we get the Christmas stocking.

Big kids sometimes get treats too.

Holes in Paper

Author: From • Dec 3rd, 2016
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I know many readers of these Musings will understand the satisfaction of an afternoon on the range. Personally, I find it a relaxing diversion. This afternoon, after yard work and errands, I was able to get in a quick visit to the range before it got dark.

In playing around with my cell phone camera, I realized there was something mesmerizing about the holes in the target too.

There were no drills or intense training involved, just loading mags and shooting — some slow, some fast, at 15 yards to keep it interesting. I put 200 rounds down range, enjoying the satisfaction of not thinking about anything but the shooting.

Flying Dog Sea Salt Caramel Brown

Author: From • Dec 2nd, 2016
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As is often my first thought when I see a new Flying Dog "Brewhouse Rarities" beer, when I picked up Sea Salt Caramel Brown I wondered just what sort of flavor experience the brewery had come up with this time. I do love caramel. And salt. And ale. So, we'll see...

The beer pours the deepest brown color with a beige, frothy head. The aroma is quite strong, with caramel, toasted bread and a distinctive saltiness. The flavor brings more of the same. There’s also a notable alcohol warming aspect, almost like sherry, that is more than expected from the moderate 7% ABV. The beer has a thick mouthfeel and a dry finish.

Sea Salt Caramel Brown paired well with a Hot German Potato Salad and Sausage skillet dish Colleen made for dinner. I found it to be an interesting and enjoyable beer. It reminded me of one of those rich, boozy, desserts one might order after a fancy dinner out. Like such a treat, one in a sitting was sufficient for me.

This review was made on an unsolicited sample from the brewery. The drinking was done of my own free will.

[Video] Defend Reckless Driving Following Too Closely I95 Accidents

Author: From • Nov 30th, 2016
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You’d be surprised how many people call me for tickets on the interstate where they had an accident, and essentially it’s because they couldn’t stop in time when traffic slowed down or stopped in front of them. If this is what happened to you, definitely contact me.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Andrew Flusche, your Virginia reckless driving defense attorney. You’d be surprised how many people call me for tickets on the interstate where they had an accident, and essentially it’s because they couldn’t stop in time when traffic slowed down or stopped in front of them. If this is what happened to you, definitely pay attention, and I’ll discuss what we might could do to defend your case.

What I see time and time again is people are driving along at a fine speed for the interstate, maybe traffic’s heavy, you’re going below the speed limit; or maybe traffic is reasonable and you’re going the regular speed limit on the interstate. You have a car in front of you and there’s some gap between you, but suddenly they stop and you can’t stop, and you either end up hitting them in the rear or you end up going out of the lane and hitting someone else or going off the roadway.

What happens in most of these cases that I can is that the people end up with a reckless driving ticket, the person that has to hit someone else or the person when you hit someone in the rear. A lot of times you get a reckless driving ticket for failure to maintain control of your vehicle. If that happens to you, the best defense we have it to argue that you simply had plenty of room. The key tip here is to keep plenty of room between you and vehicles in front of you, even on the interstate. Because if we can argue that you had enough following distance and you weren’t doing anything reckless, then I would argue the judge should dismiss that case and find you not guilty.

If perhaps you were a little too close to that vehicle, then I would argue to the judge that’s a case where we can hopefully get it reduced to something look improper driving or maybe simply following too closely. Either one of those would just be a traffic ticket instead of a reckless driving misdemeanor offense.

Finally, depending on the judge we have here in the Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania area, we might be able to get the charge completely dismissed with you doing something like a driver improvement program, even if there’s evidence that you were pretty close and you should have been giving much more room. If you have a good record some of our judges will be willing to dismiss that kind of a case with you going to driving school. If you get one of these failure to maintain control/reckless driving tickets on the interstate and essentially all you were doing was following someone else and couldn’t stop in time, that’s definitely a case we need to talk about. I can help you determine what might happen in your case and how we can best approach the court date together. Give me a call or download a copy of my free book to get started learning about your case.

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Motivate Yourself Through Your Children’s Eyes

Author: From • Nov 28th, 2016
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Motivation… Either you have it or you don’t. I’ve always been a self-motivator. Fitting that I’m a Personal Trainer! But like anyone, there are times when I’m down and out. So, when you don’t have the motivation. Try borrowing it from someone… someone like your kid!

I had a really bizarre experience the other day as I was looking into my 3 month old’s eyes. It felt like God was telling me a message. I saw into his eyes and saw him 10-12 years from now telling someone (a friend),

“My mom is so awesome. She really worked hard when I was a young. She’s inspired so many people, and is a Rock Star online fitness coach. She inspires me.

I got motivated with that vision. It was such an amazing experience that I did a video and shared it on Facebook and Vimeo. Check out the message and tell me what you think.

Imagine your son or daughter telling someone, “My mom is amazing. A few years ago she lost over 30 pounds walking, lifting weights, and eating right. She got fit so she could care for us. My mom is an inspiration.”

Your little ones think you’re superwoman already, so borrow their confidence in you to get your goals accomplished!

When you’re down and out, picture your child bragging about you a few years later! Let me know if you try this out and how it’s worked. Comment below!

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Newspapers in 2016

Author: From • Nov 28th, 2016
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A couple of weeks ago I subscribed to my local newspaper, The Freelance Star. I was hoping to avoid online news sources a bit, and be able to keep up on local news while avoiding the web site / Facebook page, and the community of bigoted racists that seem to live in the comments there. After a couple of weeks. I'm not really impressed and questioning if it's worth even the paltry $12 a month I'm paying.

  1. The Section A news is often only 4-6 pages. I do appreciate the longer form writing and lack of ranting I find there, and I do feel like I'm staying informed while still avoiding the worst of online. However, I think I could get the same from skimming every morning.

  2. The sports section is useless to me. I don't care about local high school sports, and any professional / college sports I care about I'm following in near real time, so I don't need a newspaper for results.

  3. The local news section has been forgettable, but that might be the time of year. Did I really need a feature article on why people go out on Black Friday?

  4. Why is Dear Abby still published, and who is reading it?

  5. The comics I care about are delivered via RSS feeds every day, and only one of them is in the paper anyway.

  6. People still check stock prices in the newspaper?

  7. I'm pretty sure over 50% of the paper is ads on any given day. That was 95% on Thanksgiving.

  8. The paper is physically smaller than it used to be, and I think the font is smaller too. Or that might be my aging eyes. Either way, it's hard to read.

  9. I could not care less about the lifestyle, religion, or any of the other fluff sections that make up the majority of the paper.

  10. Even with all the ads, almost none are relevant to me. I'm not car or electronics shopping, and the stuff we buy at the grocery store is almost never connected to a coupon. We aren't the types to change stores weekly to save $10, so I'm not going to comparing the price of a gallon of milk at Giant, Wegman's, and Weis to plan our shopping trip. We are going to Wegman's every Sunday, at least until the Lidl opens up. (We did try Weis when it opened up. Didn't seem any cheaper than Wegman's and the selection is more limited.)

Local news is important. Somebody needs to be attending the city council meetings and reporting on what happens there. I wonder if a weekly local paper is a viable business model? I feel compelled to read the paper if I'm paying for it. I'll give it a few more weeks, but the early returns are not promising.

Thanksgiving Day Range Trip

Author: From • Nov 25th, 2016
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In what's become an annual tradition, I was able to enjoy a trip to the range on Thanksgiving. This time was made even more special since my son, who was home from college, came along for the fun.

The early weather predictions were calling for cool weather with rain on during the day, but it turned out to be a beautiful day; sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60°. We couldn't have asked for much better on a November afternoon. Even with the good weather, we had the pistol range to ourselves.

A Thanksgiving Table

We spent a couple hours shooting and talking. What a great Thanksgiving treat to spend some time with him, doing something we both enjoy. It was a most enjoyable afternoon that left me with a smile the rest of the day — so much so I even volunteered to clean the guns afterwards.

We're already making shooting plans for Christmas break.

Classic Thanksgiving Humor

Author: From • Nov 24th, 2016
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This one never gets old.

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Happy Thanksgiving

Author: From • Nov 24th, 2016
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Today is the day Americans set aside to give thanks for the many graces and gifts that bless our lives. Thought, deleting the dozens of emails this morning promoting "3 Day Black Friday Deals" makes me hope that people are still taking time to remember the reason for the holiday. (Though I did take advantage of some good ammo deals.)

For myself, I am thankful for my wonderful and loving family, for the freedom to worship as I choose, for true friends, and for a roof over my head, food on the table, for this great country, and much, much more. These are things I am thankful for every day, not just on the fourth Thursday of November. To be truly thankful is to be aware of our many blessings everyday. But today, I'll try to think about those gifts just a little more. Let's also keep in mind those selfless Americans who are separated from their loved ones while working to defend our freedoms.

I wish everyone a safe and peaceful day.

"Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor, and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me 'to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.'"
-- George Washington, National Day of Thanksgiving Proclamation, October 3, 1789