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Range Time With Son and SIGs

Author: From • Jun 22nd, 2017
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After foiled by crowds last Sunday, my son and I spent some time on the range one evening this week. The range supplies, excepting guns and ammo, had been left in the car, so it was easy to head out without delay after work. We took along the Full Size and Compact SIG P320's and a bunch of ammo. The next 90 minutes was spent swapping back and forth between the two guns and doing some fun plinking.

In an exercise that was, at least to me interesting, we also tried out the 9mm ammo in three different bullet weights; 115, 124, and 135 grain. I shoot all three with regularity, but I've never taken the time to shoot them back to back for comparison.

We keep the ubiquitous 115 grain 9mm ammo around for general plinking. When I find a bargain, I stock up. The 124 grain bullet weight has long been my "go to" for match use. The felt recoil is less snappy in my opinion. Recently, I've been also buying the 135 grain 9mm, mainly due to pricing deals. I knew the "snap" was greatly reduced, but when shooting in direct comparison with the others, the difference is substantial. It's certainly a good choice if one is going to be shooting a lot of rounds in a short time.

It was a very enjoyable outing for both of us. Besides the shooting, we got to talk, a lot. About guns, school, friends, life. And unlike other members, we did it while shooting and reloading magazines. Eventually hunger won out and we opted to head home for dinner — even though we still had ammo in the can. We'll save that for next time.

Gun Saint Group Lauds Jesuit Scholars on Islam

Author: From • Jun 21st, 2017
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The Gabriel Possenti Society has issued a statement in support of some Jesuit scholars who have been brave enough to speak the truth regarding the nature of islam. These individuals buck the trend of political correctness in order to warn of the dangers to Christians posed by these barbaric teachings.
"The St. Gabriel Possenti Society on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi commends individual Jesuit scholars throughout the world for telling it like it is about the intrinsic murderous nature of Islam," Society chairman John M. Snyder said here today.

"These courageous, individual priests of the Society of Jesus are NOT saying that all Muslims are murderers," Snyder stipulated.  "They are noting that the foundational documents of Islam, such as the Koran, approve of and even recommend the murder of non-Muslims in the promulgation of Islam.

"These Jesuits are rendering a tremendous service to civilized humanity.  Many religious, media, entertainment and political personalities have been advancing the idea that jihadist violence, including brutal throat-slashing decapitations, somehow is an aberration of Islam.  It's not.  It's part and parcel of Mohammedanism."
As faithful Catholics, we've often witnessed a corruption of the faith touted by modern Jesuits. Political correctness, under the guise of "social justice" is a common theme among the order and many Catholics are subsequently misled. It's refreshing that some members of the order still learn and teach the truth. As Snyder notes, "We appreciate deeply the courage of Jesuits who are standing up for the truth in this matter, despite the politically correct but pathetic and impotent stances of some Jesuit superiors and even the Pope."

See "Possenti Society Lauds Jesuit Exposure of Islamist Murder Truth" for the complete statement.

More information on this blog about Saint Gabriel Possenti

Indoor Range Visit

Author: From • Jun 20th, 2017
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My weekly indoor range time has been subject to interference of late so I was happy to get away on Monday for a brief session. For most of the visit, I had the range to myself, which is an added bonus.

I broke my own rule and didn't have any specific practice routine in mind. I started out shooting at a moderate pace, using the B-34 silhouette target. Focusing on the head area which forced me to slow down and concentrate on a straight trigger pull. 

For the second box of ammo, I ran the regular JG50 drill on an IDPA target, with the target at 7 yards rather than the usual 10, but also picked up the pace a bit. My shots were a little sloppy on the body/head transitions, hitting just low on a few head shots. 

Finally, I opted to finish on a slower pace, running the target out to 20 yards. I was very pleased with that portion of the practice. While the groups weren't tight, they were all in the -0 zone. 

Despite the slow(er) shooting near the end, the allocated 150 rounds were expended in short order. I was at the lane for even less time than usual. Even in its briefness, it was a beneficial session for improving both technique and mental health.

Use The Range To Shoot, Not Talk

Author: From • Jun 19th, 2017
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My son and I headed to the range to shoot on Sunday. As we drove past the first pistol bay, we noted a group of folks at the firing line. They were just sitting there, talking. We continued on to the next pistol bay. It too was occupied by another group. This group was also sitting in chairs and chatting. So we continued on to the rifle range, only to find it occupied as well, by a bunch of folks sitting at the bench, talking.

At all bays, targets were hung and guns were on the benches, but the shooters were just chatting. Not shooting. Not checking targets. Not reloading magazines. As we reversed our drive out of the park, the activity at all three ranges had not changed. At we pulled through the gate to exit, we heard it — single shot from one of the pistol ranges.

We knew there was the possibility that families might be spending time at the range with dad on Father's Day. It would be less frustrating if they actually wanted to shoot while they were there.

Look, a pavilion where people could sit and talk

Instead we spent the afternoon chatting on the deck at home. We'll hit the range — to shoot — later this week.

Father’s Day

Author: From • Jun 18th, 2017
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Here's wishing all the Dads out there a very Happy Father's Day.


Rivanna Indoor IDPA Match

Author: From • Jun 17th, 2017
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After missing the last couple matches, I finally made it back to Rivanna for the monthly IDPA match this morning. Due overnight rains, and the threat of more on the way, five quick stages were set up on the two indoor bays.

All shooters shot the same stage to start the match. A single target was set up in both bays for "stage 0." Starting with 3 rounds in the magazine, the target was engaged while the shooter backed up, with a total of six rounds. The target had the -0 zone cut out to save on pasting time. The universal starting stage gives everyone the same "warm up" at the start of the match. I do like the idea of every shooter starting out with the same course of fire. It's certainly better than starting out, by luck of the draw, on a difficult standards stage, as I did last week.

That initial stage done, we began the usual rotation through the remaining four stages. The next stage for our squad, was for me the most challenging in the match. (I am glad I didn't start here!) Starting seated, at the buzzer we moved to low cover behind a barrel. There were five threat targets, partially blocked by a couple of non-threats. Each target required two shots to the body and one to the head, in that order.

Moving to the next bay, stage 3 required three hits each on two targets while backing up. The shooter then moved behind cover to engage two more targets with three hits each.

For the next stage we downloaded all magazines to just six rounds. Three targets placed at ever increasing distance were shot from three shooting boxes. Each target got six hits, which meant a slide lock reload after each target before moving to the next position.

For our last stage we found five open targets, each requiring three hits each. The targets were engaged left to right. The first two, and optionally the center one, were shot from the first shooting position, and we moved to a second position to finish the remaining targets.

The quick stages, and smaller than usual crowd, meant the match ran fast, and was over in about three hours. The stage designs overcame quite well the limitations imposed by an indoor range. The shooting was fun and offered interesting challenges, despite their outward simplicity. Overall I was generally pleased with my shooting, despite a few careless shots that earned me 19 total points down. Still, I finished 13th of 41 overall and 5th of 19 in SSP.

Arriving home, I watched an extremely brief rain shower pass by before heading out to mow the grass. Cutting grass seems to be my standard post-match activity of late. Of course, that was quickly followed by a tasty beer on the back porch.

A Call for Reciprocity in DC

Author: From • Jun 16th, 2017
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After the leftist terror attack in Alexandria earlier this week, it's little surprise that calls for recognition of the 2nd Amendment would soon follow from Congress. Some, like Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk took an elitist approach and called for those rights only for themselves. Fortunately, others recognize the reality of violence and are pushing for more freedom for all.

Rep. Thomas Massie has introduced the DC Personal Protection Reciprocity Act. The act would grant reciprocity for citizens who have valid concealed carry permits from their home state to carry their firearms in the District of Columbia. Even though the latest shooting took place in Virginia, where other states' permits are recognized, persons traveling in and out of DC are stripped of their right of self defense.
Washington, D.C - Today, Congressman Thomas Massie, Chairman of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, introduced H.R 2909, the D.C Personal Protection Reciprocity Act. This legislation would allow individuals with a valid concealed carry permit issued from their home state to carry their firearms in the District of Columbia.

“After the horrific shooting at the Republican Congressional Baseball practice, there will likely be calls for special privileges to protect politicians,” Congressman Massie explained. “Our reaction should instead be to protect the right of all citizens guaranteed in the Constitution: the right to self-defense.  I do not want to extend a special privilege to politicians, because the right to keep and bear arms is not a privilege, it is a God-given right protected by our Constitution.”

“If not for the heroic efforts of the United States Capitol Police at the ball field yesterday, things could have been much worse. What’s always evident in these situations is this: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

“To ensure public safety, we need to repeal laws that keep good guys from carrying guns, since not everyone has a personal police detail,” stated Congressman Massie. “The right to keep and bear arms is the common person's first line of defense in these situations, and it should never be denied.”

Congress has the authority to legislate in this area pursuant to Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress the authority to “exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever over such District as may become the Seat of the Government of the United States.”

Even an optimist would give the bill a slim chance of becoming law, but at least it's a start.

A Timely Message From Sheriff Ivey

Author: From • Jun 15th, 2017
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Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida has another alert for the public. Whether the threat is islamic or leftist, this is a message everyone should hear, and heed.

A previous PSA from the good sheriff was posted here.

A Good Guy With A Gun

Author: From • Jun 14th, 2017
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The only reason—the only reason—why any of us walked out of this thing: By the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. Because we were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit. Every single one of us.
--Michigan Representative Mike Bishop

That's all that needs to be said about that.

I suspect we'll see more like this. Carry your gun.

Father’s Day Marketing

Author: From • Jun 14th, 2017
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Happy Father's Day. Let discuss your death.