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Where are the bike racks?

Author: From • Oct 10th, 2009
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This picture was taken at Oktoberfest last weekend. An impromptu bike rack. As I walked down the hill to the event I passed a number of residents and students with their bicycles. We've heard George Solley and Brad Ellis on city council talk about the need for a more bicycle friendly city. Where have those promises gone? Has the economy made us decide between fancy street signs vs. bike racks? Or how about demolition costs of Wings? Would it kill the city to install a few places to lock up safely? And if it really is too much for the city, how about downtown merchants stepping up to the plate?

Old Towne Butcher ready for customers

Author: From • Oct 10th, 2009
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Had the chance to get by our new butcher today. Olde Towne Butcher is located on William Street next to University Cafe and across from Kybecca. Tonight there will be two beautiful rib-eye's sitting on the grill getting the heat treatment. I like a place where you get to pick and choose the best cuts available. I was eyeing a couple of Delmonicos, but went with a little less fatty steak. While I was there waiting, several people stopped in and just looked around. Mr. Russell was working hard in the back, slicing garlic for their sausage specialty.

DRMI & Fredericksburg need to close Caroline St.

Author: From • Oct 3rd, 2009
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You've heard the speculation, the predictions, some have said it would fail. Well, anyone who was downtown today saw that yet again, closing Caroline St brings many times the number of people. Imagine if every weekend there were outdoor dining, places to walk, events or music. For years I've heard residents and business owners complain about the city needing to get more people downtown. Well, I was there, and Oktoberfest was able to pack the block. Under Caroline St are original cobblestones. From what I've heard from witnesses, is that they go well with the granite slabs lining the road on select blocks.
So to all the naysayers, every time the city has chosen to close Caroline St. on Saturdays, the reaction has been overwhelming. It's time to get with it and proactively go after the Saturday foot traffic.

Lynda Carter Coming to Fred. Vegas? We started spinning around real fast….

Author: From • May 13th, 2009
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Can anyone help us out it true Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, is a last minute addition as MC of this weekend's Marine Corps Marathon? This was told to us by one volunteer at Hyperion, who showed us a Blackberry entry of VIP organizers/sponsors/MCs that we can confirm included her name. But is it legit? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!

We've scattered spies everywhere. Where would she stay? Eat? Shop? Drink? Oh tell us tell us tell us! Would she throw a celebrity hissy fit on our historic cobblestone streets...oooh we hope so! We recommend she try University Cafe, they're getting high marks for service lately [NOT!]

We really hope this is true. We've heard either she was a last minute addition or she was slated all along but unannounced till now, which doesn't really make sense. Wonder Woman would sell some tickets, yes?

What is Lynda up to these days? A check of TMZ/IMD/MSN didn't show much except for singing gigs. Please everyone get to the bottom of this and report back***Sarah Palin and Lynda Carter in less than a year's time***This is the most celebrity estrogen Fred Vegas has ever seen!

Valentine SHOPPING Guide, Fred. Vegas addition

Author: From • Jan 28th, 2009
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As promised, and as a result of many hours of debate amongst my staff assistants and various ex-girlfriends, strangers at parties or formal events, and many many members of Fred Vegas citizenry, it's THE FIRST ANNUAL Fred. Vegas VALENTINE SHOPPING GUIDE. I'm listing my favorites--my TOP TEN--in reverse order, of course. And don't forget we're doing the same thing for dining establishments soon..shout out to Rest. Week 2009! I'm happy to hear any comments, but we spent way too much time on this and now I'm a little embarrassed...we could have been working on plans for economic stimulus for gosh sakes in the same time:

10. Simply Lily: Guys know girls go for this place like bees to honey. Lots of little quirky treasures. Is it going out of business? No one knows for sure, so get in there now and buy buy buy to keep those doors open. I heard they were having landlord troubles, but that could be a small town rumor. Either way our group wants the best for this place.

9. Legacy: My friend at the paper, "Joan," loves the V-Day decorations here. Is there such a thing as V-Day stocking stuffers? Great space. Looks cool from Sammy T's.

8. Sarah Irby is FOXY and I have to give a shout out to her gallery Studio A on Princess Anne Street. Nice scarves that are crowd pleasers and art jewelry and ornaments at the holidays. This place is charming and the staff have WICKED KICK ASS senses of humor. Also, they've kept themselves in shape and are quite stunning--no one looks good in random Polaroids of friends at parties (G rated not X rated you sex crazy Fred Vegasians!), but Irby does! Sometimes women in Fred Vegas do the suburban slump and let it go. These ladies are smart funny and sexy so I have to give them a shout-out. Keep doing what you do! Also, they were nice to me when I was going through a rough time and they are true-blue Fred Vegas friends.

7. Whittingham's: Fred Vegas Window Wizard Extraordinaire, so much to choose from and my staff assistants suggest you buy not only a gift but perhaps a cooking class for two? "Rachel" says it is very romantic, gals love it, and it is a can't miss gift.

6. Jewelry: Ulman's has a Valentine dog collar that "Sarah" fell in love with, Crown has a Valentine key chain by someone famous I don't know who that "Rachel" loved. Get to these places early because they seem packed on even the deadest days...selection is limited so hurry! If you are looking to pop the question...and many do on V-Day (wish I could)...look no further.

5. Place in Time: "Shari" told me Tuesday you can't go wrong with Vera Bradley. Also, this store has truffles, so my friend "Tracy" says it should be a no-brainer for V-Day. "Tracy" has the most exciting female love life here in Fred Vegas and puts all of us to shame. She sure burns those truffle calories off in many exciting ways! Gotta watch those artists!

4. (Tie) Hutchinson and Simpatica and Monkees: All very different, but you know why I picked these? First, my staff assistants and the Tuesday Bistro crowd loves them, as do members of our city government who I promised not to name. Because as guys we can go in there like dorks and they help us anyway and I love that. Hutchinson has a cool loft space that feels like New York and nothing at all like Fred Vegas and as my staff assistants say "she has the best eye" and "best evening clothes." Simpatica is fun and affordable, and with Monkees it seems there's always a 75% off sale (pssst don't worry the gal doesn't have to know). But the girls who work at these stores know how to treat clueless guys, so they deserve a salute. Hutchinson has a very attractive sales girl that works on Fridays, and the main lady that works there used to be the lawyer for Ronald and Nancy Reagan so in my book she's a great lady, and gals always love the colorful dresses. If money is tight, she has kick-ass scarves and feather things for the hair that most of my former flames have loved. And, not to be sexist but the owner of Simpatica is hot hot HOT and she's had like 12 kids and is still smokin. Also nice and very sweet. Sadly, another Fred Vegas hottie that is already spoken for. DAMN! But the husband is cool, so I have to be happy for them.

3. (Tie) Silver Spider and Walker Home: Silver Spider has been around awhile with different spots downtown. The ladies are some of the nicest people around and are known for being very sweet. For any season and holiday of the year these ladies have something special. As for Walker Home, I didn't get this store for awhile and assumed it was overpriced and snobby. Walked by their former venue down from Hyperion and didn't understand why people liked it so much cause it seemed so random. But my friends loved it and then the gals I dated kept asking for things from there, so I swallowed my pride and went's now a SENTIMENTAL FAVORITE and here's why....
Getting too personal #1......The first time I went was for a First Friday opening about two years ago. It was for Ponshop and Adam Desio and some other people I can't remember. The place was packed, the crowd was actually cool and I felt like I was in New York. One of the best dates I've ever had in Fred Vegas, the gal later passed away from leukemia and she was an angel. But they don't do those size events anymore which is a bummer and for the uninitiated this place is hard to describe because it has a little of everything. It just does not feel like Fred Vegas. For Christmas I spent $17 and had five gifts, which I guess proves that sign in the window that I never got before is actually true. Second, the most foxy girl in town and one of the foxiest I've ever seen in my life in the whole world works there. First I assumed she was a snobby bitch, but she's cool as shit and the whole staff is actually friendly..lots of attractive ladies, the most in town, so I enjoy going in to shoot the shit and gawk. Sadly, Mrs. Foxy is spoken for in a massive way judging by what she rocks on her hand but a guy can dream. Like Simpatica's main lady the husband is cool so I have to be happy for them. They seem to have a great sense of humor.
Not to get too personal's also sentimental because awhile ago I dated a sexy blond yoga chick who worked there and it was one of the times of my life but sadly, she later moved to California and I was broken-hearted though we still chat. Gals love the jewelry and random Asian cool shit. "Tracy" and "Sarah" and "Mo" like the Chinese boxes. This store has grown on me because I walk in and feel happy like I'm somewhere else and I'm cool and the world is cool aka no recession. Friendly, cool fresh air.

2. Liberty Town: DUHHHH! Fred Vegas has great art (shout out again to Ponshop! Much love!) and we also have crap masquerading as great art, but here you have a massive space loaded with pottery, affordable jewelry, and photos and paintings. Diggin on Brandon Newton. Betsy Glass always makes the ladies smile. Candy Truslow is hot. Love that Keeler chick who does the shadowboxes. She's cute and talented. Yes, there is some stuff in there that is schlock but at the end of the day who cares. "Kerrie" is a hot Fred Vegas minx with a killer accent and active love life, and she swears by it as a V-day destination. Fred Vegas you are hereby ordered to support this place. Also there is a nice lady who knits that always runs the counter and she can put a smile on your face on the worst days, I promise.
Also, they always have events which are GREAT DATES!

DRUMROLLLLL.....#1.............It's Riverby!!! Also a SENTIMENTAL FAVE!!! Save your hate mail this is MY LIST so I can say what is NUMBER ONE. Yes, I know this is more of a "guy's store" but who cares guys deserve Valentines gifts as well, in the best traditions of gender neutrality. The best Militaria/Virginiana/History sections in town, and some true museum quality rare books (lots in vaults!). Great staff, especially the cute redhead. The owners, "The Cherries," have saved downtown from becoming one big Wal Mart and have my respect. They are all that stands between us and an army of slumlords and sleazy Wal Mart. And I will say some of my former flames have really liked the thoughtful books I picked out for them here. If you really want to light her fire, write an inscription. Nothing cheesy, but from the heart. I promise it is a fail-safe gift. THANK ME LATER! Email me and I'll think of an inscription (for a fee...hey, it's a recession!)
Getting too personal #3....last year I was dating a Fred Vegas celebrity "Honey" who has since moved on to bigger and better things. She had like four boyfriends and was going through a very messy divorce. She didn't like to have public boyfriends because of the divorce issues. She was beautiful, interesting and talented. At first it was mutual body lust but it grew into more. She bought me an out-of-this world signed manuscript from Riverby (will keep the details private) that is one of the nicest gifts I ever got. It was famous with the staff she told me. The inscription was better than anything my wives ever said to me, and since I was head over heels in love, it made it even more amazing. But like I said I was one of several boyfriends--she knew she was moving and didn't want to get too serious, so I respect that. She's moved away and become famous and we haven't talked for awhile but that gift was THE BOMB and Riverby made it happen. She was an extraordinary lover after you got past the shyness, and a very giving woman, and a great writer, but she knew she was destined for better things and so she was always a little distant, but not in a mean way. I think her divorce is done, and I wonder what she's doing now in the big city.....if you're out there "Honey" I miss you like crazy. We last emailed on a hot night last August, and it all came back.

Hon. Mentions.....We will miss Echelon and Pavilion. Gals loved to get a gift cert from Echelon and those green Pavilion bags had become iconic n Fred Vegas and guaranteed a good night for me whenever I gave them. We all miss them and hope they are well.

Dining/Nightlife section COMING SOON!

Robo Cop Taking Christmas & New Years Off

Author: From • Dec 22nd, 2008
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Autochalk aka "Robo Cop" is taking a few days vacation this year at Christmas and New Years, so feel free to violate the 2 hour parking rules on the following days:
December 24, 25, 26 (2008) and January 1 & 2nd 2009.

Quote from the website:
"Note: the two-hour parking restrictions downtown will be suspended on December 24, 25, and 26 as well as January 1 and 2. "

Want a city Grant?

Author: From • Nov 15th, 2008
   Category: Blog Entries.Local, Downtown
Have a business? Run a non-profit? Ever wonder how some businesses got their grants in the City of Fredericksburg? The city has posted an official document on the EDA grants, which cover four areas:
• Non-Profit Grant Program
• Event Grant Program
• For-Profit Corporation Grant Program
• JumpstART! Grant Program

EDA grants will be done on a cycle three times a year, the applications must be received by either March 1, June 1, or October 1.

These are not the large multiyear incentives packages, there are limits on total funding costs.

1st Annual Tree Planting Weekend

Author: From • Nov 15th, 2008
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Still looking for something to do today? The city is trying to create an annual tree planting day. The first one is this weekend.
First Annual Fall Tree Planting Event
Saturday, November 15, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Rain date: Sunday, November 16, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers are needed to plant 100 trees (3 gallon containers) throughout the City of Fredericksburg. Meet at Maury Park (corner of William Street and Kenmore Avenue) at 12:45 p.m. Please bring gloves and a shovel. This event is sponsored by the Fredericksburg Department of Public Works, the Fredericksburg Beautification Commission, and Tree Fredericksburg.

We will be planting trees in the utility strips (grassy areas between the sidewalk and the street) throughout the City. We are looking for locations where neighbors will agree to water the trees for a year. We are also looking for individuals who are interested in planting a tree in their front yard (in the City) that will be watered and thrive and become a canopy tree. This event is open to all individuals free of charge. If interested in more information, call Anne Little 373-4594.

Google Street View has Arrived in Fredericksburg

Author: From • Nov 6th, 2008
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Check it out! You can now view street level images from google maps in and around Fredericksburg. Some residential areas are not mapped, but most all other areas are.


I particularly like this picture downtown. How many lanes are there, five? Doesn't matter that the previous images show plenty of parking, some people just have to be right up front. And before you say that person is backing into a spot, the next image doesn't show back-up lights.

image courtesy google maps

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Freebies This Weekend

Author: From • Nov 6th, 2008
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Looking for some excitement this weekend. I was updating the events listing for this website and pulled out a few freebies that I thought folks might be interested in.

First, start off with First Fridays. Even though the weather has turned a bit colder, the art galleries and businesses downtown that support artists are still putting on this great series of shows this Friday. Come out and check out your favorite artist, or find something new that you haven't seen before.

Then head out for a little post First Fridays camaraderie and listen to these NO COVER bands:
The Griffin Bookshop - Laura Shepherd, 7:30pm
Colonial Tavern - Ashland Miller Band , 9pm
Bistro Bethem - Bucky & The Blues Buckets, 10pm

Saturday, if you have children, or are a big kid yourself, you might want to head over to Spotsylvania Towne Center for the arrival of SANTA at 10am. If you're the artsy type, there is a craft show at the armory. Finally, if you missed the good music on Friday night, Shoredigger's Cats is playing at The Griffin Bookshop for no cover at 7:30pm.

While you're out spending a little dough, don't forget to get your Boys & Girls club raffle ticket. Drawing is November 12th.