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Monday Adulting

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Yep, that about sums it up.
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Saturday Cleaning

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I spent the morning standing at the workbench cleaning the guns we shot the past few weeks. There are worse ways to spend a rainy Saturday morning I suppose. (There are better ways too, like shooting them.) I had planned to clean just one. Then I grabb…

Five O’Clock Friday: ATF At Work

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Fortunately that doesn’t look like the lake where my guns fell overboard.H/T Miguel at Gun Free Zone.
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Another Range Outing

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My son and I got out for another fun visit to the range this week. As I was gathering the gear, I was undecided which gun I wanted to shoot this trip. To solve that dilemma, I simply brought several! And we shot them all.

I started out shooting the S&W Shield, which I hadn’t shot in a while. I used the short seven round magazines — no pinky extension — since that fits the IDPA BUG requirements. There are several opportunities to shoot BUG matches in the coming months, and I wanted to get in a bit of a “refresher.” Except for shooting a tad high due to the different (from the SIG) sight picture, that went well.
Both of us spent the rest of our time switching around between the three SIG Sauer pistols. It took me a few shots to get used to the DA/SA trigger of the P226 after shooting the striker fired P320s so much lately.
It was quite an enjoyable hour. Even the temperature and humidity were at a very pleasant level, Mother Nature apparently having forgotten it’s July. I am sure she’ll self correct soon enough!

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Batman: One Line At A Time

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A bit of mid-week humor to pass the time.Memories.
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Bonus Range Time

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It’s like putting on a pair of pants and finding money I didn’t realize I had! While at the indoor range this week I discovered I had not unloaded all the magazines from the weekend’s match. So instead of the planned 150, I got to shoot an extra 30 rounds! It really is the little things that make life fun.

This trip I started out running the Julie Golob 50 drill. After that, the remaining 100 130 rounds were devoted to working on sight alignment and trigger control on some splatter targets at 7 yards. I have mixed feelings regarding the definition of success with those drills. On one hand, I kept all the shots in the 5″ circle. On the other hand, the holes were generally in the lower left quadrant of said 5″ circle.

Near the end of my time I realized I was sweating almost as much as I would be if I was at the outside range as there is no air conditioning at the indoor facility. Perhaps I should stick with the outdoor range. Therein lies a conflict — shooting on the move is forbidden at either venue. However, indoors I am permitted to fire strings of more than 2 rounds. On the other hand, outdoors I can hang two targets and shoot both, but I’m limited to one round on each per string of fire. But I can draw from the holster.

Sigh, there’s got to be a better way…

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Cavalier IDPA Match

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“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”Actually, it’s the heat too. July’s IDPA match at Cavalier featured both heat and humidity, in addition to four really fun stages. A brief rain shower right when shooting started only added to the oppressive typic…

Five O’Clock Friday: Marriage Humor

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Tom finally decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was welding some stuff in the garage just for fun. His new wife was standing there at the bench watching him.After a long period of silence…

He Just "Went Bananas"

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I’ve often said if you can’t be trusted with a gun, you probably can’t be trusted on the street without supervision. Here’s an example of why. Jorge Jove of Hialeah, Florida decided he didn’t like the AT&T trucks parked on the public stre…

Negligent Discharges

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In the approximately nine years I’ve been playing gun games, I’ve seen a few DQ’s for safety reasons. (The percentage of DQs to shooters is actually quite minuscule.) These are typically 180° violations, or negligent discharges when reloading or moving. In the interest of full disclosure, my own DQ was for a dropped gun. There’s a reason for the strict safety rules in USPSA and IDPA and a reason all gun handling happens under the watchful eye of a safety officer. Thanks to those strict rules, the sports have an excellent safety record. Even experienced competitors make mistakes, and when it happens, it’s only right that they are done for the day. It hurts, but if your brain isn’t fully engaged, it could hurt even more more.

What brings this to mind? Recently, for the second time in about two years I witnessed a negligent discharge, up close. Neither was during a sanctioned match. The first time was when I arrived at the range as an acquaintance was leaving. He knew I was fan of SIG Sauer guns, and wanted to show me a SIG he had with him. We stood at the back of his pickup truck, he uncased the gun and went through his clearing routine; rack the slide, then drop the mag and pull the trigger. The round went right into the bed of his truck. Fortunately, I was very aware of his muzzle and had positioned myself to his side. This man is a very experienced shooter and retired federal law enforcement. 
The most recent occurrence was at another shooting club. I was standing at my car going through the gear I was going to need for shooting that day. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a gun shot, though the sound was somewhat muted. There was a bit of commotion two vehicles over, where I saw two men looking through the cab of their truck. I later heard bits of a conversation regarding “lowering the hammer on a 1911.” 
Both of these events occurred at a gun club, but away from the firing line. Both events occurred at the gun owner’s vehicle. Both shooters were showing the gun to someone or (apparently) otherwise distracted by another person. I’ve often remarked that one of the reasons I dislike “gun free zones” and gun shows is that people are fiddling with guns in their cars. There are times when I need to remove a firearm from my belt while in a vehicle. I strive to be attentive and undistracted when I find myself doing that.

Firearms are tools. In fact, they are relatively simple tools. And those four rules work pretty well. 

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