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I’m Sharing My Story in My First Book

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Yes, so I decided I’d write my first book. I figured I’d write about striving for fit during the childbearing years (particularly for women in their 30s and more). So often women feel that after 30 it’s all downhill. I’ve found that to be further from the truth. Truth is I began working out when I […]

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Sunday at Spencer Devon

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What better way to cap off a pleasant Sunday, indeed the weekend, than with some good beer? After a couple range trips the past week, I spent time Sunday afternoon doing some overdue gun cleaning. Then it was time for the reward of good beer. Colleen a…

Five O’Clock Friday: Winter Prep

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If anything can get you through the flu, it’s Twizzlers.Click to embiggenThanks Staples.
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Rainy Day Range Trip

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As I sat at my desk yesterday finishing up some work before a planned range trip, I was pulled out of my stupor concentration by the sound of thunder and heavy rain. I thought, “That could put a damper on things.” But the thunder and lightening soon stopped, leaving only a moderate rain coming down. “That’s better.” A little rain rarely stops us. Soon, Colleen, ‘Checkered Flag’ and I were at the range for some overdue practice and fun times.

We’re fans of using different target types, just to add variety and fun to our outings. This time ‘Checkered Flag’ had brought along some new targets he had found. The “Essentials Target” from RE Factor Tactical has a range of aiming points that can be used in for a variety of challenges. There’s a drill that’s designed to go along with the target, but we opted to do our own thing.

Colleen was spot on

We did all our shooting from the 7 yard line this day. The focus was to be on accuracy, and ease of brass pickup in the rain. We started out shooting the corner circles, either singly or alternating back and forth. Then we moved through the various sized shapes, and included some single hand shooting as well.

We all avoided calling for hits on the tiny #15 square, until it was the only non-shot number left on the targets. “There’s no avoiding now” I thought. It’s odd that when you shoot a 1 inch target how awful a slightly missed shot seems, even if the whole group is still only about an inch wide.

One of the fun drills we used to challenge ourselves, was shooting the number 1 – 6 circles in a single string, moving through each circle in order and back again. At the end of our range trips, we typically save the last few magazines for “do your own thing,” rather than any formal drills. I used my last three magazines to shoot those 6 circles, in one long string, trying to speed up after each mag change. Only 2 of the 30 shots fell (barely) outside the intended circle. It was a fun way to wrap up an afternoon of shooting in the rain.

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Hoplophobe Logic

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Maybe we should pass more “commonsense” car laws.Hat Tip Guffaw in AZ.
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"Walking Dead" IDPA at Cavalier

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Last weekend, the monthly Cavalier IDPA match took on a seasonal theme and the stages were based on the Walking Dead TV show. Since I’ve never watched the show, much of the meaning behind the props was lost on me. (Me to the SO: “Does the ‘W‘ on the head of the target mean something special?“) But that didn’t reduce the fun to be had.

Gloves were a last minute addition to my range bag in the morning. I certainly needed them while waiting for the match to start. The temperature quickly rose as the morning progressed; I shot the first few stages wearing a fleece jacket, before switching to a vest for the final stages. All in all, it was just about perfect shooting weather.

The folks putting on the match went all out, adding Walking Dead-based signage, body parts, and blood throughout the eight stages of the match. More importantly, the stages were a blast to shoot. Several of the bays held stages providing two courses of fire. We took extra mags to the line, and shot both courses of fire at once. This really sped up the match and kept things moving.

The first stage our squad shot was made up of two quick strings, which provided a quick warm up for the more complex courses of fire to come. For the first, we started holding a pull behind “stretcher” and engaged three nearby targets in tactical sequence. Moving to the next position, we knelt by a “bloody body” with the gun on the ground, then engaged four targets from kneeling. It was on the third target that I had the thought, “You really should look at the sights.”  A -3 hit on one target would be my worse shot of the day.

Another interesting stage took place at “Carl’s Garage.” There were also two courses of fire to be shot here. The first consisted of 16 t-shirt covered targets that all required one head shot. We started with a six target group, before engaging two more by shooting under a low opening. There were more targets to be found moving down range. I managed to bump my head on the overhang during the walkthrough and once while pasting targets. Fortunately during my run, I cleared it safely. Moving to the back of the stage we ran another quick course.

For another fun course, we started with our gun in a tool bag, and holding a crowbar, which was “impaled” on a bloody target, while facing up range. I joked to the SO that in “real life” I’d never leave my gun off-body in my tool box — ignoring the idea I’d likely not be impaling zombies with crowbars either. At the back section of the bay there was another course with multiple hallways to negotiate.

The bay labeled “Terminous” also presented us with two fun courses. For the first, we started in the “boxcar”. This stage included a couple of long shots on falling steel in addition to the paper targets placed amongst the walls. Moving to the back of the bay we entered a “butcher shop” complete with dismembered body parts.

Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been shooting fairly accurately, but slow. I made a conscience effort to speed up a bit for this match, and I think it paid off. With just 10 points down for the match, I missed placing first in SSP Sharpshooter by .18 of a second. Any -3 hit is frustrating, and that -3 hit (-1.5 seconds) on the second stage was made all the more painful — although just one more -0 hit on any target likely would have changed the finish order.

The matches at Cavalier typically feature interesting and challenging stages with lots of props and plenty of movement while shooting. This month’s match was no exception and was extremely fun to shoot. It was quite obvious that a lot of planning went into the preparation of the match. The match officials kept things moving, and we finished all eight stages by about 12:30.

The thing about putting off chores at home to shoot, is that they are still waiting when you get home. After the match it was time to strap on the backpack blower and work on the leaves in the yard. A morning of shooting, and an afternoon of yard work made the evening beer taste all that much better.

I’ve posted a few more pictures from the match here.

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Does Your Car Insurance Actually Cover Your Drivers?

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You get a car, buy insurance, and think you’re covered in the event of an accident. Most car insurance actually does cover any drivers who you permit to operate the vehicle. But a Virginia family was shocked to have coverage denied after their family-business vehicle was wrecked. The problem? The car was titled in the […]

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Not Dead. Just Busy.

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And maybe a little tired. It’s been a week since I put anything new on these Musings. And to those who are looking for something new here, I apologize. It’s not that life hasn’t been interesting. I’ve got a few interesting beers to talk about. And ther…

[VIDEO] Andrew’s Response to Fredericksburg Police

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The City of Fredericksburg, VA recently published a video about what to expect during a traffic stop. While I agree with a lot of the points they make in the video and I commend the city for making a proactive tool to try to educate people on how to make sure the police and citizens […]

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Prosciutto and Parmesan Spaghetti Squash

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Talk about savory! Talk about healthy! Talk about delicious! And all in one dish! Ingredients:- 1 spaghetti squash- 2 Tbs olive oil, divided- 1 oz. thinly sliced prosciutto- 1/2 cup yellow onion, chopped- 1/2 Tbs diced garlic- 2 cups summer squash…