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Indoor Activities This Week

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The weather outlook is dreary at best. I haven’t made use of the indoor range in the past few weeks, opting instead to take advantage of the nice weather to shoot outdoors. Looks like that will have to change in the coming week.And perhaps there will b…

Early train, Fredericksburg, Va.

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Early train

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Good Beer and Sports Celebrity Sightings

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A lack of blogging recently isn’t an indication of a lack of life activity, just the opposite in fact. It means I’ve been too distracted by life to sit down and write. We were out of town last weekend, in part to attend the Spring Game at VA Tech. I wa…

Swordfish and Scallops with Creamed Purple Cauliflower

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Restaurant-quality food, easily made at home! This succulent dish will have your friends and family thinking they’re dining at a five-star restaurant. The perfect dinner for that special someone, who will think you’re a top chef! :) Pretty quick meal t…

[Video] 2 Kinds of Reckless Driving Charges You Can Get in the Rain

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Find out what they are and which one you could even avoid simply by not giving the police any details. Contact me today for your VA reckless driving case. Video Transcription If you got a reckless driving ticket in the rain, you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I’m Andrew Flusche. I’m your Virginia reckless […]

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Skipping the insanity of the interstate today. I forgot that parts of the ride are pretty nice. Near Quantico, Va.

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Skipping I-95 today in favor of the train

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Just a Day at the Range

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On Thursday our friend “Checkered Flag” was visiting, so he, Colleen, and I headed over the range after work. It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for spending some time outside. Since I knew I couldn’t get to the range on Earth Day, I counted this day as my “celebration” and figured I’d do my part in restoring some lead and copper back into the earth.

We ran no specific drills this outing, it was really just time to stand and shoot. You might say it was like dry fire practice, pulling the trigger — but with live rounds  — over and over again.

At one point Colleen asked me, “Who’s the guy watching us with binoculars?” I looked and saw him about 50 yards back by the bench. When I went to talk to him I saw he was one of the range officers. He said he had come out of the club house because of the “rate of fire going on.” I guess he was satisfied to find he was hearing three guns going off, and not someone violating the “rapid fire” rule, as he didn’t stick around.

At least standing in just a few places while we shot made the brass easy to pick up. It was a fun couple of hours before it was time to head home for a refreshing adult beverage.

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They Don’t Even Realize They Are Losing

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I laughed a bit last week when anti-gun democrat Deb Lavender of Missouri introduced an amendment opening the state capitol to concealed carry for members of the public. Of course, she did so in an attempt to prove a point, and was bitten by her own arrogance. But my irony meter pegged again this week with the news about the $20 bill.

Democrat Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew announced that the portrait of Andrew Jackson would be removed in a redesign of the $20 bill, and replaced with an image of abolitionist Harriet Tubman. In the attempt to cover their own party’s history, the left has actually managed to promote freedom and guns. Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, championed the massacre of native Americans, and was the first Democrat president of the United States. It’s not surprising that the whitewashers of history wanted him gone.

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Harriet Tubman was everything the progressives hate about freedom loving Americans. She is credited with saying, “There was one of two things I had a right to: liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” And she was not opposed to backing up her freedom with a gun, in violation of the law.

Tubman carried an old percussion pistol for protection against slave-catchers and their hound dogs. This violated an 1806 Maryland statute, which forbade “any negro or mulatto within this state to keep any dog, bitch or gun.”

The pistol was also a threat against any faint-hearted fugitive who wished to turn back. As Tubman knew, any slave who returned would be tortured into revealing everything about the remaining fugitives, which would result in the whole group being captured. Pointing her gun at one escapee, who was exhausted and hungry after a day of hiding in a swamp, she told him, “Move or die.” She delivered him and the others to freedom soon after. 

Tubman was also a religious woman, gaining inspiration from biblical accounts of fleeing slaves in the Old Testament. She is even recognized in calendars of saints of the Episcopal Church and of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Gun owner, freedom fighter, religious; Harriet Tubman would be unwelcome in the democrat party if she were alive today. The irony is rich.

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