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Low-Point Quinoa Meatballs

By From • Sep 30th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

These savory meatballs are made with ground turkey. Ground turkey can often times become dry while baking, but with the added quinoa and homemade meat sauce, they’re very moist, flavorful, and high in protein. Low-Point Quinoa MeatballsIngredients…

Have we now entered a buyer’s market?

By From • Sep 30th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local, RealEstate.Local

It was a bit comical to watch for the longest time as the national media touted what a great buyer’s market we were in during 2011 and 2012.  In reality we were in the deepest throes of a seller’s market because of a very low housing inventory.  The national media appears to always be behind […]

Remembering Mom

By From • Sep 28th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

It’s been three years now since my mom passed away. As cliché as it sounds to say, it doesn’t seem that long. That’s good, the memory of my mother is still fresh in my mind. I hope it stays that way.

The last day I spent with mom was just 10 days…

Range Time: It started out as fun

By From • Sep 27th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

After being off the practice range for six weeks, I finally had a chance to get back out after work this afternoon. It’s getting harder to get over there with the shortening days of Fall. (Is it any wonder I don’t like Winter?)

I set up three USPS…

Heavy Seas, and Heavy Seas

By From • Sep 27th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I’ve mentioned previously that I look for Heavy Seas beers when I travel outside of the Fredericksburg area. Heavy Seas, formerly Clipper City, is one of my favorite breweries, but sadly few of their beers are available locally. One of my most sought …

In Lieu of Germane Content

By From • Sep 25th, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Here’s an educational video about owls.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

The Growing Up of the Superhero Movie Over Time

By From • Sep 23rd, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

While there are plenty of successful movies that influence Hollywood to create remakes, there are a few movies that fall through the cracks, never getting the updated take they deserve. The 1980s films “The Last Starfighter” and “Flight of the Navigator” are two good examples of films that would benefit from advances in technology. Studios […]

Blue & Gray Oktoberfest

By From • Sep 23rd, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local, Events

Colleen was out of town this weekend catching up with friends from college, and our son was spending Saturday with friends doing airsoft. So what’s a guy to do when left to his own devices? The 11th Annual Fredericksburg Oktoberfest at Blue & Gray …

Low-Point Apple Butter Pork Chops

By From • Sep 22nd, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Pork and apples go very well together, so why not pork and apple butter? Apple butter gives the pork a sweet apple taste as well as adds moisture to your pork chops! Not a cook? With just a few ingredients, anyone can create this amazing meal in minute…

The Starbucks Kerfuffle

By From • Sep 22nd, 2013 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

There’s been a lot of chatter in the past week on the recent Starbucks statement on guns in their stores. I’ve read much discussion, from both the anti-freedom forces as well as the differences of opinion from gun rights advocates. I delayed posting to…