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What is an “as is” sale?

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An “as is” property is sold without a warranty as to condition, repairs, or structure.  With an “as is” sale, the buyer is on notice that the seller makes no promises regarding the property’s physical status.  With an “as is” sale, it is extremely difficult to make a claim against a seller if something is […]

An Easter Blessing

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Happy Easter to all of my followers!A prayer for you, as you celebrate Easter with family and friends. Feel free to print out and read before your Easter meal.”Dear Lord, we thank you for bringing us your Son, our savior Jesus Christ. As we celebrate H…

Mad Fox Irish Red

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Last weekend we joined our friend, aka “Checkered Flag” for dinner at Mad Fox Brewing in Falls Church. This time I remembered to bring along an empty growler in order to take some beer home with me. After enjoying a couple of pints of Rock Star Irish R…

Pricing your home – critical information and decision making

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Over the years I have been privy to seeing how a lot of real estate agents operate when it comes to listing homes for sale.  I’ve also seen a lot of different methods for determining the value of a home, and I’ve heard a lot of different theories for how agents suggest listing prices to […]

What is delayed jail reporting, and how can I get it?

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If you’re facing possible jail in Virginia, the judge has the authority to confine you to jail but order you to report directly to the jail some time after you’re actually found guilty of the offense. This is called delayed reporting. Virginia law lets you appeal your case within ten days of being found guilty, […]

Bell’s Hopslam

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Colleen and I headed down to Capital Ale House Wednesday evening for their Hopslam Ale tapping. This seasonal beer from Bell’s Brewing is very popular and six-packs on the store shelves go quickly. So quickly in fact that I never even bother tryin…

Holy Thursday

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Oh, what these olive trees have witnessed.

The Garden of Gethsemane, Israel, August 2010

And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony, he prayed the longer. And his sweat became as drops of blood, …

What can I wear to jail?

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When an occasional client has to go to Rappahannock Regional Jail for a few days, they sometimes wonder what clothes they can wear. If you wear white undergarments underneath your street clothes when you go to jail, the jail will let you keep those white undergarments. That’s all you can keep. The jail can be […]

Taste Is Subjective

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Seen on Overheard in DC:

Beer nerd facepalm  

At the Iron Horse Taproom: 

Girl: “Can I have a Blue Moon?”

Bartender: “We don’t have that but I do have something similar.”

Girl: “Ok!”

Girl sips beer

Girl: “Yes! This tastes ju…

Photo from a prior March chase

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Since I won’t have any March 2013 chases to crow about I decided to dip into the archives and post this photo from March 22 2010.  It shows a lowering underneath a storm in Madison County Virginia that was traveling northwest…yes, that’s right, …