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Ending 2012 With A Bang

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Actually, many bangs. I had an email over the weekend from a friend who’s gotten interested in shooting recently. He was letting me know he had picked up a SIG P232 in .380 ACP. I arranged to meet him at the range this afternoon. I was already excited …

Hypocrisy Defined

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The gun control isn’t about saving lives, it’s about “people control” and creating a caste system where the so-called “elite left” has a set of rules for themselves, while promoting another set of restrictive, rights-limiting rules for the rest of us.

Birthday Haiku for O’DonnellWeb

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Notepad and Netscape New Year’s Eve 1-9-9-5 We have better plans tonight. It was a cold and windy one, that night of Dec 31, 1995. OK, actually I have no idea if it was cold or windy. What I do remember is that my wife was 7+ months pregnant with out daughter, so we were […]

2012 Favorite Posts

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I’m happy to say to I did beat my goal of averaging a post a week this year. It’s a far cry from the heyday of this site, but it’s something. Anyway, here are my favorite posts of the year, for varying definitions of favorite. In my case, they are either posts I particularly liked, […]

Relaxing Over Old Beer

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We enjoyed our second Christmas celebration Thursday with a family friend who was visiting for the day. The day began with a hearty brunch of Scotch Eggs, Scottish Baps with Bacon, “Chips” and Baked Beans. After the gift exchange we enjoyed an afternoo…

If I am Charged With Reckless Driving can the Officer Testify About Alcohol Consumption?

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Yes.  If you are charged with reckless driving, any factors such as alcohol, drugs, or a simple distraction all relate to you being impaired and are all factors that matter in the case.   They are relevant evidence for the judge to hear about.  Therefore, if you are charged with reckless driving due to an accident […]

Encounter with a homeless man touches a Virginia Starbucks manager

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Only Use One Earbud in Viriginia

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If you’re operating a vehicle (whether it’s motorized or not) in Virginia, you can’t have both ears covered or plugged by headphones or earbuds. You can only use ONE earbud. Video Transcription Hello. I am Andrew Flusche. I’m a traffic and misdemeanor attorney. I see people all of the time driving along in their vehicle […]

Are Binding Early Admission Programs Ethical?

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At America’s most competitive colleges, 50% or more of the freshman class slots are filled via the early admission process. Is this a good idea? I’m leaning towards no on that question. We went through this last year. Applying to William & Mary via early admissions would have required my son to forgo the early […]

A Mad Elf Christmas

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After finishing off the excellent Christmas dinner of Standing Rib Roast, Oyster Casserole and Yorkshire pudding prepared by Colleen, I was ready to sit down with a special beer. Relaxing with a good strong beer is my digestive. I’ve been eyeing the bo…