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Cold air…and snow???!!!!

By From • Nov 30th, 2009 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

In case you hadn’t heard the polar express is headed our way this weekend (and, no, I’m not referring to the Christmas movie). The above graphic shows the forecast for early Monday morning with a solid core of cold air crouching over top us at the 850…

Virginia’s Smoking Ban Starts Tomorrow

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There are two sides to this coin, well, maybe three.  On one side we have the non-smokers who have been anxiously awaiting December 1, 2009 to finally roll around.  One the other side we have the smokers who are upset that they will no longer be able to enjoy a cigarette with their meal.  And […]

Caroline County Board of Supervisors: Fredericksburg’s public safety is a legislative priority, but not our own.

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What passes for a (proposed) legislative platform for this county is laughable (PDF).
If you read through the thing, where at the specific issues facing Caroline County (and, yes, I know it is a regional platform. *snort*)? On the last page, it mentions funding for the HB 599 Program. The HB 599 Program is funding appropriated […]

Quadruple cop killer in Seattle had previously targeted an Arkansas State Trooper. And Mike Huckabee still commuted his sentence.

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The blogopshere is abuzz with news that the suspect in an quadruple cop killing had been granted clemency by then-Governor Mike Huckabee. If you hadn’t heard about this already, check out Michelle Malkin’s continuing coverage.
But this isn’t the first time that this scum-sucking POS has targeted a police officer. From an article in the Arkansas […]

Virginia Shoplifting Help

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Have you been charged with shoplifting in Virginia? I imagine you’re scared and worried about what you’re facing. Let’s talk about it.
Virginia shoplifting statutes
Shoplifting is a type of larceny. Depending upon the value of the merchandise in question, your shoplifting charge could be petit (petty) or grand larceny.
Any shoplifting of $200 or more is grand […]

A $3 toll road in Richmond? Really?

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I’ve lived in Fredericksburg for 7 years and prior to 8 PM this evening, I had no idea there was a $2.75 toll road in Richmond. But I’m getting ahead of the story here…
We left Florida at 6 AM this morning, exactly on schedule. The first half of the trip home started out fine. […]

Winter & Holiday Beer Tasting

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On Saturday, we finally had the opportunity to present the Craft Beer Tasting we donated last year for our school’s fund raising auction. We selected “Winter & Holiday Beers” for the theme of the event. Winter is my favorite time of the year for be…

Awesome Sunday weather, but a storm’s coming

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Wow, we deserved today’s great weather after the monsoons of recent weeks! Sunshine, light winds, and high temps near 70 all add up to a good end to the Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately the upcoming week it doesn’t look so good. Right now Tuesday…

To publish, or not to publish

By From • Nov 28th, 2009 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I have drafted an article (likely falls into the category of “technical note”) regarding my observations of funnels and tornadoes here in the northern Virginia area that otherwise go unwarned and undetected. The premise is that interaction of convect…

Thoughts on Central FL attractions

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We haven’t set foot on Disney property, although rumor has it we might be visiting downtown Disney today. If you want my take on Disney, check out my trip notes from a few years ago.
We arrived last Sunday after a 14.5 hour drive, so we took it easy on Monday by lounging around the pool […]