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Deeds Beats McAuliffe in Fairfax County Straw Poll

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Wow, as a Deeds supporter I’d have been happy with a close third place finish.
This was from the FCDC Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Lowell at  Blue Virginia reports:
Brian Moran: 166 (40.9%)
Creigh Deeds: 123 (30.3%)
Terry McAuliffe: 117 (28.8)
Jody Wagner: 260 (65.7%)
Mike Signer: 136 (34.3%)
If Moran does take 41% in Fairfax County, that could be enough to win… but […]

Filler in Falmouth: “Fiscal Discipline for Challenging Times”

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Control of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors could very well come down to the Falmouth District. This November, a seasoned politico in Stafford County GOP Chair Susan Stimpson will take on Democratic candidate Doug Filler, a retired businessman. The BPOL tax will likely be the most talked about issue.
from the Stafford County Democrats:

Falmouth resident […]

28 May closeups

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Closeups of 28 May funnel(s). Per a prior posting I suspect this was actually a tornado (ground touchdown) given that the visual funnel stretched at least 2/3rds of the way down. But I saw no debris underneath this feature, so I have no proof.Meanwhi…

Miller Farms Market

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It’s strawberry season in Virginia, and I can’t get enough. My home-for-the-summer son suggested we pick our own, so I hunted on the web for pick-your-own farms in our area, and found Miller Farms Market, a new one to me. The place had been a dairy…

A little bit of spring, a little bit of summer

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Today and tomorrow are the spring part, with comfortable temperatures and low dew points. Tuesday is another story as the humidity climbs and the temperatures strain toward the 90 degree level. It seems that yet another cold front will seep into our …

VA public school official comments on homeschooling

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A reader supplied this link. The post, written by the Superintendent of Schools for Dinwiddie County, Virginia, exhibits the usual myopic viewpoint of somebody so ingrained in the system that they simply can not see the truth around them.
The commenters at the original post have already covered all the rebuttals, so there is no need […]

Tuesday? Hmmmmm….

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At least one forecast model is calling for some interesting conditions in northern VA late Tuesday afternoon. A combination of good instability, wind direction veering from southeast at the surface to south and southwest as you look upwards, and a hin…

RPV 2009: Koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs?

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First it was this.
Then, at its nominating convention yesterday, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) anointed the top of its ticket for 2009.
And DPVA Executive Director Levar Stoney wasted no time in summing up the result:
Virginia Republicans have chosen the most divisive ticket in modern Virginia history. Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli all have […]

New Media is Here to Stay! More Great Photos from the 2009 Virginia Republican Convention

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See more here:

More Great Pictures from the 2009 Virginia Republican Convention, New Media is the Future!

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…Taken by an amateur photographer who happens to also be a Republican county supervisor!  YES WE CAN do better in Virginia GOP communications both online, print and multimedia, and YES WE WILL! 
And we’ll do it without paying through the nose to BUY the media bias and favor (or by buying the publications themselves with tax […]