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He is 15 today. Can somebody please explain how that happened so quickly. He chose to spend his birthday fencing as there was a competition at his club. Nineteen Y14 foil fencers from VA and MD gathered for the Winter Campaign. 1st and 2nd place received a cool remote control car courtesy of

Port Saint Lucie, FL

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I spent the past week in Port St. Lucie, spring home of the NY Mets and winter home of my NY mother. The town is on the east coast of Florida, about halfway between Miami and Orlando. For me, its major claim to fame, aside from Mom, is the average dail…

Utah?! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

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The good people of Utah, the reddest of the red states, love their pornography. Eight of the top ten consumers of porn voted for McCain last year (Alaska was no. 2). Six of the botton ten voted for Obama.
The study from the Journal of Economic Perspectives also finds that:
Residents of 27 states that passed laws banning […]

Daily Grind – Week of Basketball

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I’ve been on night shift this week shooting various regional basketball games. I made the decision to light most of the venues using SB-800 strobes at 45-degree angles to the top of the key. If you can get your lights high enough, you can produce some nice-looking images. However if you’re not careful, you can […]

Our Newest Press

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Virginia Wine Lover’s Magazine has just done a great little piece about the Enomatic Wine Stations featuring our little wine bar on the front page of the article. Click here for access and check out the pictures.

The Enomatics keep generating quite a buzz and for good reason, there is no other way I know of to be able to open and make available to patrons the special, high-end or limited production wines we keep in our Enomatics. The machines allow us great flexibility and volume. 32 wines by the glass, sample or half-glass would be impossible without this technology. Further it allows us to keep the quality of the wines very high since spoilage is a non-issue. The Enomatics allow us to offer great value for the caliber of wine being poured. We love ’em.

Fredericksburg Entrepreneurship

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Got a great business idea? Maybe been the unfortunate target of a layoff? Working independently and want to expand? There are a couple of new activities going on here in the Fredericksburg area that might be a help. Business Playce is now offering a co-work environment, and SCORE is trying to get executive volunteers local. […]

Fredericksburg Area Primed for Entrepreneurs

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For those of you that know me, my morning ritual is to grab the paper on the way out to catch the train to DC. Last week, an article in the business section caught my attention after having some conversation with other business owners the week before.T…

Uh, oh! Looks like snow!

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Check it out…the HPC (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center) has the I-95 corridor in Virginia in the bullseye for at least 4 inches of snow between Sunday morning and Monday morning. We haven’t had much more than dustings this winter, but it looks …

Update on Mad Fox Brewing

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This week’s Mad Fox Brewing Newsletter brings word that a location has been selected for Bill Madden’s Mad Fox brewpub.Mad Fox and Waterford Development executed a Letter of Intent on February 25, 2009 for 8,618 square feet of space for our first brewp…

Elsewhere on the Internet (February 27th 11:53)

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Michael Doornbos » Blog Archive » The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Great visual explanation of the credit crisis.