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Warrenton? Nope, stayed at home

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This radar image shows a very nice severe-warned (hail) cell just north of Warrenton that is the end of a convective line associated with a cold front traversing the Mid-Atlantic. Earlier this afternoon I was slightly tempted to jump in the chasemobil…

Attention Beer Lovers: La Bière de France est Arrivée

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We just received a batch of beer from France. Why is this special? Because French beer other than Kronenberg is very difficult to find. Not only that, but what a lot of people don’t know is that France is one of the world’s greatest beer producing countries. France is like Ireland – it makes great beer but other than the big brands you never see it here. A wine importer (originally from France) that we work with noticed this and decided to import some beer himself.

I have had the chance to taste some of these beers and was pretty impressed. I was expecting the beer to taste just like Belgian ale. Not so! These beers are not as malty as Belgian ales and have other special qualities. One thing I noticed about all of them was a strong floral quality that was very attractive. Here is a description of each:

Brasserie Bourguignonne Ambree – This craft brewery is located in Burgundy, better known as a place that makes the world’s best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. This amber ale has much of the floral characteristics I mentioned, is very soft and subtle on the palate but very complex.

Mandrin Biere au sapin – This beer is brewed with pine needles. Now before you make a face and go ‘yuck’, let me explain. My expectation was that the beer would taste like pine resin, but it didn’t at all. It was very floral in an unusual but delicious way that I can’t quite put my finger on. This one is for the beer lovers who think they’ve tried everything.

Brasserie D’oc La Mouska – This is an ale brewed with Muscat grapes. The Muscat gives it some sweetness and intense fruit flavors. I had this last night and it is amazingly delicious.

St. Rieul Grand Cru – A “Tripel” style ale, much like the Belgian variety. If you like Chimay or Tripel Karmaliet you really must try this.

La Sancerroise au Gruyt – From Brasserie Sancerroise, located in Sancerre in the Loire Valley, a place better known for making amazing Sauvignon Blanc. This dark ale is a secret recipe based on a medeival brew made with herbs and spices.

By the way, did I mention that these beers have never been imported into the U.S. before? The La Mouska and Mandrin au Sapin will be open for tasting at both stores this Saturday starting at noon.

Never Fear, Overdog is Here!

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People who are stupid enough to vote for Eric Cantor* in the 7th deserve him as their congressman. It’s just too bad the rest of the country has to pay for their mistake.
Profiles in Leadership <snark>: After Cantor, the Chief Deputy Whip, failed to garner enough votes on his end to pass the bailout, he […]

Gary Skinner wants to know why everybody gets to raise gas prices except him

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My Supervisor “asked county administrators last week to investigate possible gas price gouging in Spotsylvania County” (Free Lance Black Hole).  To be fair to Mr. Skinner, he was aware of Hurricane Ike, but he seemed upset that the price rose “the day of the hurricane.”
Maybe if he looked a bit further south he’d realize how […]

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

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We saw Stage Door Productions’ performance of Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile in the theater of the downtown library this past weekend. That’s a great venue for a play: if 40 people show up at a high school auditorium, the turnout seems d…

Elsewhere on the Internet (September 30th 09:11)

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How to land a 747 – Somehow I doubt it's as easy as this sounds

GOP House Saw Freddy-Fannie Crash and Warned Us! Dems Covered It Up- Here’s Proof

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Watch. Listen. Learn. Remember. Who called for restrictions and regulation?  Who ardently argued on behalf of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? …Unbelievable.

Thanks to: RightsideVA
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How pitiful do you have to be?

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How pitiful do you have to be to spend your time criticizing 12 year old kids that you have never met? This comment was left on Horseshues. It was held in moderation, where it shall stay. However, since light tends to scatter roaches, I do want the comment to see the light of day in […]

Building the Concrete Bar

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Black Monday wasn’t that bad

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My good friend Dave finds the silver lining in the cloud from yesterday’s events.