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Anybody Looking For Some Rarer Dogfish Head Beers?

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This week we got in stock:

Immort Ale
120 Minute IPA
Midas Touch

and at the Plank Road store only:

The highly anticipated and incredibly difficult for me to get Palo Santo Marron. This is a new beer for Dogfish Head. It’s a strong brown ale aged in Palo Santo wood, a type of wood from Paraguay. We’ll get this beer again at some point, but for now I have to limit quantities to one 4-pack per customer, as I have only a small amount to sell. I doubt this beer will be around for long so if you’ve been waiting for it don’t delay.

First Friday at The Fredericksburg Area Museum

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The Fredericksburg Area Museum joins the excitement of First Friday with a Market Square Concert Series.

Road Trip: Brooklyn

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We spent a few days with our daughter in Brooklyn this past weekend, doing what we usually do when we’re there: equal parts sightseeing and eating, with lots of walking in between. Brooklyn is a real mixed bag of neighborhoods, from the picturesque t…

Mrs. Girvan– A Preservationist???????

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Today, former Mayor Beck endorsed Mrs. Girvan because, in his words, Mayor Tomzak has an, “obvious disdain for those to whom history is important.” He points to the recent demolition of building and comment’s made by the Mayor about preservationi…

First Friday at Liberty Town

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Please join us for First Friday, May 2, from 5-9 pm

in the Gallery at
LibertyTown Arts Workshop

This month we feature:

“In flight”

Prints by: Peter Frederick &


May 2 –
June 1

***Come on by LibertyT…

Less than perfect chasing conditions

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Well, it’s Monday and there was no chasing under today’s crapfest of low ceilings and no instability. The only part of Virginia that had any CAPE was at least three hours from here in the southeastern corner of the state, and of course that’s where th…

Best Beer I’ve Ever Tasted?

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It’s definitely in the top three, and without a doubt the best English beer I’ve ever tasted. I’m talking about the J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2006 aged in Sherry casks. I blogged about it when we first got it in (check a few posts down), but I hadn’t tasted it yet at that point. It’s extremely rare to find a beer with the complexity of this one.

The aromas are subdued in comparison to the flavor. To me it smelled like figs, candy, and rum. It’s on the palate that this beer really shines. Initially I get flavors of mandarin orange, apple brandy, cereal, and raisins, just to name a few. The sherry flavor is there but very much in the background. On the finish the figs come back again strong. It’s like the beer evolves on your palate. Drinking this was the best beer experience I’ve had in a long time. I recommend this beer as an after dinner drink, because its qualities reminded me of a fine port or fortified muscat wine. Truly exceptional. Also one of a tiny handful of beers that I ever thought could stand up (in terms of complexity) to a fine wine. I’m putting one in the cellar for sure.

This beer is not easy to get, so come by and snatch one for yourself while they’re still here, because I can assure you I will drink them all in a matter of time.

10,519 VA GOP Delegates for the May 30 Convention. 60% are for Marshall and 60% are for Gilmore?

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It’s a little early to be claiming victory, but that’s just what Gilmore’s camp is doing in press releases and blogs, and still in FLS interviews today.Using his own math and presumptions however, I would recommend they refrain from such confidence so …

26 April Virginia chase

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Since SPC had us under a “See Text” 5% chance of severe storms, and since the models indicated decent instability and little cap, I had my eyes on the sky. When radar indicated a line of storms moving northeast toward Culpeper and Warrenton (here) I …

A Challange from the Fourth Estate–The Budget

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In a conversation with a member of the Fourth Estate regarding the content on this blog the point was made that I was focusing only on Mrs. Girvan’s inaction on the budget when all the candidates seemed to be avoiding the issues. A legitimate observa…