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Today in History

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On Feb 21, 1987 I walked into a frat party at Purdue and was introduced to a girl named Michelle. We were just getting to the party, and her group was leaving. A 30 second shift in either schedule and we probably never meet. If my friend John (who kn…

Valentine’s Day Haiku 2007

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It’s become a tradition.
DC under ice
Romantic couples stuck home
Baby boom in fall
DC is frozen
Global warming, I think not
My wife is still hot
Valentine’s Day steaks
Not worth the big bucks I paid
Glad it was a gift.

Game Over

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Game Over
07 Feb 2007
Wil Wheaton has a nifty post on his memories of video arcades growing up. One cool thing about the first half of the 80s was that you could find a video game just about anywhere. Every convenience store had one or two in the corne…