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Train bridge

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This my favorite shot from day 2 at Harpers Ferry, because I was actually trying to capture the contrast between the upright rectangle chimneys and the elongated rectangle of the bridge. This is one of the first times in my life I actual…

Honors is just a word

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I guess this shouldn’t really surprise anybody, but a lot of the kids that think they are taking honors level classes in high school, aren’t.
I don’t think this is a new problem either. When I moved from MA to Kwajalein in 11th grade (over 20 years ago…

Recent Books

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Eon by Greg Bear: A cold war inspired epic in which humans, exploring a vast asteroid sized ship from the future in orbit around earth, get trapped there when the Russia and the US launch all their nukes at each other and destroy the planet in the proc…

A Matter of Life and Death

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Iron Maiden is back! The new album, A Matter of Life and Death, is 70 minutes of dark, crunchy prog metal goodness. It’s an anti-war record, but not in the traditional dumb ass rock band “rah rah rah give peace a chance sense.” Maiden has written a col…