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The Underground History Of American Education – Chapter 17

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I just can’t do it. I tried, I really tried. I read the first few pages, then I skimmed the rest. I can’t read it in depth. It’s too depressing. It’s also the longest chapter in the book. That alone says enough.
This was the paragraph that pushed me ov…

The Underground History Of American Education – Chapter 16

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The real conspirators were ourselves. When we sold our liberty for the promise of automatic security, we became like children in a conspiracy against growing up, sad children who conspire against their own children, consigning them over and over to the…

The Underground History Of American Education – Chapter 15

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In this chapter, Gatto talks in the present for the first time. This is not a history lesson anymore, this is what the schools are doing to your kids today. If you’ve been keeping up, none of this will be a surprise.
To understand how this happens, you…

Let’s fisk a S’Mores recipe

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This might be an Internet first – fisking a recipe. Or it might not. I’m too lazy to Google around and see what turns up.
On the great homeschooler campout of 2005 – we stumbled into this recipe for S’Mores on the inside of a package of Hershey Bars. I…

Homeschool Blogger Campout

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I’m under a wife-imposed NDA so I can’t disclose any details from the weekend. Feel free to peruse the photos and come to your own conclusions :)
Yes, we had a good time. It stopped raining about 30 minutes before I got to the campground, which was n…