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The Greatest Generation

By From • May 27th, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I wandered over to the new World War II Memorial on my lunch hour today. As a physical structure, I can take it or leave it. I’m not sure it really captures the essence of The Greatest Generation. (No pics – it was a spur of the moment thing). But I do…

Great Big Sea: Something Beautiful

By From • May 23rd, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I downloaded the new Great Big Sea album from Itunes. It’s wonderful. Two traditional Irish tunes, and 11 Irish tinted pop-folk songs. These guys are great. It’s almost enough to make me want to move to Canada.
Did I just say that? That’s not true. The…

I Got Gmail

By From • May 21st, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Thanks to Russ at Strategize. He gave me his last invite to Gmail – so I now have one of the coveted Gmail beta accounts, and I didn’t have to buy it on Ebay!
Google will probably open up Gmail to the world on Monday, making my time as one of the cool …

Give Me Spring Break or give me death

By From • May 19th, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

(with apologies to Patrick Henry…)
Local (Spotsylvania County) parents are in an uproar over a proposal to cut back on Winter and Spring Break time. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, so I really don’t care what they do. However, several of the quotes …

Crazy From The Heat – David Lee Roth

By From • May 5th, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

This book is exactly what you would expect from DLR, a stream of consciousness trip through the history of Van Halen. It’s quite entertaining. DLR did everything right and Eddie and Alex are the cause of all the VH problems. And his career after VH has…

Don’t homeschool beer and alcohol use

By From • May 4th, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

05 May 2004
I didn’t realize that current parenting trends were teaching parents to allow their teenagers moderate alcohol consumption, in the theory that it alleviates the binge drinking problems so common among 17+ crowd.
The author actually uses the…

Sounds of Place

By From • May 2nd, 2004 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I haven’t contributed to Ecotone in a few months. I blame this all on Fred. He hasn’t been writing Ecotones either, and the only time I ever think about it is when he posts his first.
This week’s subject is Sounds of Place. As is my habit, I write thes…