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Where Wizards Stay Up Late

By From • Jun 15th, 2003 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

The subtitle is The Origins of the Internet, and that is a perfect description. It’s a history book, starting with the first experiments in computer networking in the early 60’s, driven by research contracts handed out by APRA, and ending in 1994 at a …

Madison Avenue is out to get me

By From • Jun 14th, 2003 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Mark Horne found this interesting review of a book neither of us has read, Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers, by Alissa Quart. It’s an expose on just how hard Madison Ave is working to sell to your teenagers. Unfortunately, they are quite su…

Babe A Legend Comes to Life

By From • Jun 10th, 2003 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Babe Ruth was a drunken, philandering bum. He was also incredibly devoted to children and always had time to sign and autograph or chat with a kid. I have to wonder how many home runs he would have hit if he hadn’t been playing many games hung over, or…