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Michael Crichton – Prey

By From • Mar 9th, 2003 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

I went to bed at about 10 PM last night – with the intent of reading a couple of chapters of Prey to wind down. I finished the book at 1:30 AM.
It’s that kind of book. Crichton wrote Jurassic Park, and the flavor of the book is similar. Man messes with…

Happy 9th Birthday Breck

By From • Mar 1st, 2003 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Egads, my son turned 9 yesterday. Breck is 1 year away from being 10, half-way to 18, 3 maybe 4 years from really caring about girls, and probably 4 years from starting to dream about the day he gets the car keys.
Heh, I don’t think he is aware of my v…