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RIP Hans(1990-2001)

By From • Aug 24th, 2001 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

The family dog, in a lot of ways our first child, passed away this morning. We knew it was coming, he was given 2-4 weeks to live about 16 months ago. Our Vet quit trying to explain his persistence in sticking around a while ago – there was no medical …

Happy Anniversary Michelle

By From • Aug 18th, 2001 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it was that long ago that we took off to Hawaii and got married. This very special day consisted of:

One sick daughter, complete with upset stomach and fever
One Cub Scout fishing outing…

The Great War

By From • Aug 12th, 2001 • Category: Blog Entries.Local

The Great War is an epic 3 volume series (actually 4 counting the prequel) depicting an alternate history of the USA if the South had won The War of Northern Aggression. The Prequel, “How Few Remain'” recounts a second civil war about 20 years later. T…