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Reckless Driving Citizenship Concerns

Syndicated From: Andrew Flusche

A lot of people contact my office after receiving a reckless driving ticket in Virginia and are concerned about how it might affect their citizenship or naturalization process for United States.  It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. Reckless driving in Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor as I’ve discussed before.  This means […]

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First DUI Awareness Scholarship Winner

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WOW! What a huge success the 1st scholarship contest was.  There were some really good entries, tons of creativity and well done videos. The goal of the contest was to raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Students were required to create a public service advertisement video (PSA) which raises awareness of […]

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Feast of St. Gabriel Possenti

Syndicated From: Musings Over a Pint

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of Handgunners, St. Gabriel Possenti. We have a fondness for the Saint around here, and have even organized the occasional range trip in his honor. Our “sister blog” Gabriel Possenti Shooters, i…

Never in his wildest dreams…

Syndicated From: Edmisten, Buck & Adams - Real Estate

It was evident when speaking with Brandon that the time had come for him to turn the page to a new chapter in life.  This new chapter included moving away from the private and secluded setting in which he now lived, to a more social setting near Fredericksburg.  The one thing standing in his way was getting his home sold.Read more

The ISIS Shooting Drill

Syndicated From: Musings Over a Pint

I got a chuckle over this picture making the rounds on Facebook recently.The target on the right is a popular design, and one we use often. I found the picture below, taken during a range trip last fall.With just a few more props we could run an “ISIS …

Persistence Helps Reach Goal of Home Ownership – Kyung’s Story

Syndicated From: Edmisten, Buck & Adams - Real Estate

Kyung is perhaps one of the most persistent individuals I have met throughout my career.  Not only is he persistent, but he is also laser focused and detail oriented.  That came to light the very first time we met him, and carried throughout the time we were searching for homes together. Unlike many, who wish to put themselves back intoRead more

Stay Holy With Drink

Syndicated From: Musings Over a Pint

Some Lenten advice.Translation:Who drinks, sleepsWho is sleeping, do not sinWhoever does not sin, is holyTherefore, he who drinks is holy.H/T St. Peter’s List
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Low-Point Cauliflower Cheese Sticks

Syndicated From: Points In My Life

Pass the cheese sticks please… and don’t stop with one! These guilt-free, healthy, cauliflower cheese sticks are a delight! Using cauliflower to make pizza crust or bread sticks is a snap and so delicious, you won’t even know they’re low-point!Low-Po…

Drink More Coffee

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The report of the government’s 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is good news for caffeine addicts. Coffee, and lots of it, might be good for you.Not only can people stop worrying about whether drinking coffee is bad for them, according to the…

Storms-R-Us 2015-02-23 21:33:00

Syndicated From: Storms-R-Us

Did a Virginia storm chasing presentation to a Virginia Tech Survey of Meteorology class this morning. It’s always fun to talk about chasing storms here in the Old Dominion, but it’s especially fun talking to a meteorology class.During these presentati…


Stealing the Flying Dog Glass

Tuesday evening the Flying Dog RV was spotted outside Capital Ale House. The occasion was a Flying Dog “Steal the Glass” night, featuring four Flying Dog beers served in an attractive etched glass. How could we resist going in?The four beers featu…


Isley Beer & Cheese Pairing

Thursday evening Capital Ale House set out a Cheese & Beer pairing featuring Isley Brewing Company. Three Isley Beers were paired up with three cheeses; Tall, Dark and Hopsome Black IPA with Lusk Gouda, Off the Boulevard Irish Red Ale with McClure …


Weihenstephan Steal the Glass Night

The beers of Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany were featured for this week’s Steal the Glass event at Capital Ale House. Six different beers were on tap. Fans were able to order any of the six in a tall Weihenstephan glass, or try a flight of small tast…


12th Annual Blue & Gray Oktoberfest

Fredericksburg’s original Oktoberfest celebration is happening this Friday and Saturday at Blue & Gray Brewery. This is the twelfth year for this popular event.The event kicks off Friday, September 19 at 5:00PM with the traditional keg-tapping…


Thirty Years!

September 15, 1984. That’s the day, thirty short years ago, that Colleen and I made our promise before God that we would spend the rest of our lives together. And it’s been a wonderful and amazing thirty years. We’ve had our share of both joy and sadne…



Rappahannock Political Forum 09

Local bloggers are coming to the rescue of local politics again this year in the form of the Bloggers Forum 09. Yours truly is one of several panel members participating in this event to showcase those running for Stafford and Spotsylvania VA superrvisor positions. For more info, click the banner to the right of the [...]


Local Bloggers Pass 4,000 Posts!

Today marks a milestone of sorts. Actually it’s more of a surprise. I was checking some stats and has logged more than 4000 posts from local Fredericksburg, VA area bloggers. Way to go team!
As we grow together, I’m working on changes to the website to group blogs.  You’ll all still end up in the [...]


City Taxes Going UP-UP-UP

For those of you that vote in Fredericksburg VA, here’s who you can thank for higher real estate taxes.
Councilwoman Greenlaw made the final motion to raise the rate to $0.705 of every $100. That’s almost 26% percent. It was seconded by Vice-Mayor Devine.
Councilman Kelly put forward an alternative $.68 of every $100. It was seconded [...]


A few blog changes

First, a new addition. is a photographic view of Fredericksburg, with a bit of history about those places appearing in the shots.
Death of a blog, that’s what happens when things start getting out of hand when ‘friends’ take posts in a direction not intended.  Of course I’m talking about the Fred Vegas Chronicles.  Fredericksburg’s very own [...]


Kindle Mania! Fredericksburg Hits the Big Time

Now get the area’s hottest news delivered direct to your Amazon Kindle! tries to bring together a diverse set of blogging content, and it is now available in more formats than ever.
Hopefully they will drop the price to make getting the local inside story more affordable.