Encounter with a homeless man touches a Virginia Starbucks manager


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Low-Point Mayo and Panko Mahi

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I love a good seasoned Panko crust on my fish but have had trouble keeping the crust on the fish when pan frying. Until now. Adding a small layer of creamy mayonnaise to the fish before adding the Panko helps the Panko to stay on the fish, thus giving …

Pepsi Okay?

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I’ll have to rethink my quick acuquiecense to this common question.
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The Pee Defense for Virginia Reckless Driving

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Find out if I have ever seen anyone use this defense successfully or not. Contact me about your case and let’s see what defense options you have. © marketing for Andrew Flusche, 2015. | Permalink | No comment | Add to Post tags: Feed enhanced by Better Feed from Ozh

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How ready are you?Get training. Get supplies. Get prepared. As Whittle says, “It’s time to grow up.”
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It really does depend upon your prior record, the facts of your case and importantly the local judge who’s going to be hearing your case. Contact me today to see if this is an option for you in your case. © marketing for Andrew Flusche, 2015. | Permalink | No comment | Add to […]

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Cavalier IDPA Match

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I’d been looking forward to shooting the monthly Cavalier IDPA match this weekend. When the alarm went off Sunday morning, I was still feeling the affects of a springtime cold that had been clogging my head and lungs, but decided to go shoot anyway. Af…

Dialed in

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Adding the ribs.

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It’s early. Time to make the BBQ

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Between the Pool Parties and Cookouts

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Remember the reason…As you enjoy time with family and friends over this long Memorial Day weekend, take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is those sacrifices that helped to maintain the freedoms we value and enjoy today.


Blue Mountain Beer Dinner

On Tuesday evening we enjoyed a beer and food pairing with Blue Mountain Brewery at Capital Ale House. The beers were not ones that are usually available at the restaurant, and the food dishes were specially created for the event as well.The MenuHors d…


Stealing the Flying Dog Glass

Tuesday evening the Flying Dog RV was spotted outside Capital Ale House. The occasion was a Flying Dog “Steal the Glass” night, featuring four Flying Dog beers served in an attractive etched glass. How could we resist going in?The four beers featu…


Isley Beer & Cheese Pairing

Thursday evening Capital Ale House set out a Cheese & Beer pairing featuring Isley Brewing Company. Three Isley Beers were paired up with three cheeses; Tall, Dark and Hopsome Black IPA with Lusk Gouda, Off the Boulevard Irish Red Ale with McClure …


Weihenstephan Steal the Glass Night

The beers of Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany were featured for this week’s Steal the Glass event at Capital Ale House. Six different beers were on tap. Fans were able to order any of the six in a tall Weihenstephan glass, or try a flight of small tast…


12th Annual Blue & Gray Oktoberfest

Fredericksburg’s original Oktoberfest celebration is happening this Friday and Saturday at Blue & Gray Brewery. This is the twelfth year for this popular event.The event kicks off Friday, September 19 at 5:00PM with the traditional keg-tapping…



Rappahannock Political Forum 09

Local bloggers are coming to the rescue of local politics again this year in the form of the Bloggers Forum 09. Yours truly is one of several panel members participating in this event to showcase those running for Stafford and Spotsylvania VA superrvisor positions. For more info, click the banner to the right of the [...]


Local Bloggers Pass 4,000 Posts!

Today marks a milestone of sorts. Actually it’s more of a surprise. I was checking some stats and has logged more than 4000 posts from local Fredericksburg, VA area bloggers. Way to go team!
As we grow together, I’m working on changes to the website to group blogs.  You’ll all still end up in the [...]


City Taxes Going UP-UP-UP

For those of you that vote in Fredericksburg VA, here’s who you can thank for higher real estate taxes.
Councilwoman Greenlaw made the final motion to raise the rate to $0.705 of every $100. That’s almost 26% percent. It was seconded by Vice-Mayor Devine.
Councilman Kelly put forward an alternative $.68 of every $100. It was seconded [...]


A few blog changes

First, a new addition. is a photographic view of Fredericksburg, with a bit of history about those places appearing in the shots.
Death of a blog, that’s what happens when things start getting out of hand when ‘friends’ take posts in a direction not intended.  Of course I’m talking about the Fred Vegas Chronicles.  Fredericksburg’s very own [...]


Kindle Mania! Fredericksburg Hits the Big Time

Now get the area’s hottest news delivered direct to your Amazon Kindle! tries to bring together a diverse set of blogging content, and it is now available in more formats than ever.
Hopefully they will drop the price to make getting the local inside story more affordable.