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Coconut Almond Energy Balls

Syndicated From: Points In My Life

These brightly flavored balls, made with lemon juice and zest, are a great pick-me-up for a quick and healthy energy snack.Ingredients:- 3/4 cup raw almonds- 1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut- zest from 2 lemons- 2 Tbs fresh lemon juice- 2 Tbs raw o…

St. Gabriel Possenti: Patron Saint of Handgunners

Syndicated From: Musings Over a Pint

Today, February 27, is the Feast Day of St. Gabriel Possenti.Legend holds that Gabriel Possenti was a Catholic seminarian in Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy. In 1860 he is said to have used his skills with the pistol to drive off a band of marauding soldie…

Sunday Humor – Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

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A musical interlude before we “dress up for Mass.”Happy Sunday.
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Torn Chicken with Bok Choy and Miso Vinaigrette

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This addictive dish, full of greens and proteins, is one for the books! The miso vinaigrette takes this dish to a whole new level of flavor. A definite “must try” recipe!Ingredients:- 4 cups cooked Jasmine rice, (2 cups dry rice)- 3 Tbs olive oil, divi…

BadWolf Public House Opening in Manassas

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BadWolf Brewing is expanding even further. A press release from the City of Manassas Economic Development Department has the details.BadWolf Public House to open in Historic Downtown Manassas The owners of BadWolf Brewing Company and CJ Finz …

Virginia Misdemeanor and Felony Classifications

Syndicated From: Andrew Flusche

If you’re accused of violating the law in Virginia, you may be wondering if you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is what the potential range of punishments are. In general, a misdemeanor only carries jail up to 12 months, and a felony carries possible prison […]

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Range Time: Flashlight Drills

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I brought along a flashlight during my weekly trip to the indoor range. I’ve been reading about various techniques for holding a flashlight while shooting a pistol, and have been trying them out in my dry fire practice. I found two options that seemed to work for me and now it was time to try them out with live fire.

The first flashlight technique I tried was holding the flashlight like a cigar between my first and second fingers of my support hand. The flashlight is pressed up under the trigger guard, while the support hand index finger goes in front of the trigger guard. I’ve seen this referred to as the Graham Technique. Except for that odd finger placement on the trigger guard, I found the technique very effective. The flashlight moved around a bit until I applied more pressure to pull it back into my hand on the pistol grip.

Next I tried the Harries Technique. In this, the flashlight is held in the support hand, which is crossed under the gun hand, and the back of your weak hand supports the gun hand. In dry fire practice, I thought this technique would be useful, but under live fire I found it woefully lacking in support and stability.

After devoting a few magazines to both techniques, I decided I would concentrate on the first technique, at least for this practice session. After a box of ammo downrange, I was pretty comfortable with holding the flashlight under the trigger and keeping it in place with repeated fire. Unfortunately, I can’t actually live fire in the dark with the flashlight. Any nighttime practice I get is limited to dry fire.

I finished up the practice with some close 5 yard precision shooting, which was surprisingly satisfying, followed by some 20 yards shots that were less so. In total, 150 rounds were put down range at this fun “lunch break.”

Happy feet!!!

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Thursday: Made Me Laugh

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To make up a lack of content, enjoy this meme that made me laugh out loud.Though I am not sure if my laugh was one of disgust, or fear.
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Event: Adventure Brewing Oktoberfest

Since Adventure Brewing purchased Blue & Gray Brewing, the most frequent questions I’ve heard from folks revolve around the future of the popular St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest celebrations held each year at Blue & Gray. I’ve been told that …


Blue Mountain Beer Dinner

On Tuesday evening we enjoyed a beer and food pairing with Blue Mountain Brewery at Capital Ale House. The beers were not ones that are usually available at the restaurant, and the food dishes were specially created for the event as well.The MenuHors d…


Stealing the Flying Dog Glass

Tuesday evening the Flying Dog RV was spotted outside Capital Ale House. The occasion was a Flying Dog “Steal the Glass” night, featuring four Flying Dog beers served in an attractive etched glass. How could we resist going in?The four beers featu…


Isley Beer & Cheese Pairing

Thursday evening Capital Ale House set out a Cheese & Beer pairing featuring Isley Brewing Company. Three Isley Beers were paired up with three cheeses; Tall, Dark and Hopsome Black IPA with Lusk Gouda, Off the Boulevard Irish Red Ale with McClure …


Weihenstephan Steal the Glass Night

The beers of Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany were featured for this week’s Steal the Glass event at Capital Ale House. Six different beers were on tap. Fans were able to order any of the six in a tall Weihenstephan glass, or try a flight of small tast…


Rappahannock Political Forum 09

Local bloggers are coming to the rescue of local politics again this year in the form of the Bloggers Forum 09. Yours truly is one of several panel members participating in this event to showcase those running for Stafford and Spotsylvania VA superrvisor positions. For more info, click the banner to the right of the […]


Local Bloggers Pass 4,000 Posts!

Today marks a milestone of sorts. Actually it’s more of a surprise. I was checking some stats and has logged more than 4000 posts from local Fredericksburg, VA area bloggers. Way to go team! As we grow together, I’m working on changes to the website to group blogs.  You’ll all still end up in […]


City Taxes Going UP-UP-UP

For those of you that vote in Fredericksburg VA, here’s who you can thank for higher real estate taxes. Councilwoman Greenlaw made the final motion to raise the rate to $0.705 of every $100. That’s almost 26% percent. It was seconded by Vice-Mayor Devine. Councilman Kelly put forward an alternative $.68 of every $100. It […]


A few blog changes

First, a new addition. is a photographic view of Fredericksburg, with a bit of history about those places appearing in the shots. Death of a blog, that’s what happens when things start getting out of hand when ‘friends’ take posts in a direction not intended.  Of course I’m talking about the Fred Vegas Chronicles.  Fredericksburg’s very […]


Kindle Mania! Fredericksburg Hits the Big Time

Now get the area’s hottest news delivered direct to your Amazon Kindle! tries to bring together a diverse set of blogging content, and it is now available in more formats than ever. Hopefully they will drop the price to make getting the local inside story more affordable.